Ashy Bines Butt and Thigh Workout for a Bigger Butt — Exercises to Lift and Tone Your Butt

Four makes the call so our aim is to expand. These are our single leg dead lifts. So we are really working out hamstrings, but before you go down you really need to lock your core. Because if you don’t lock your core, you’re going to lose balance, and you’re going to lose the activation in your butt, and your hamstring. So before anything lock that core, and then slowly come down and back up. Also concentrating on your posture is really important as well.

Once again we’re going to lock that core on, because if you don’t you lose your balance. These are just amazing for your bums; really push through your heels. If you don’t, you push through your toes; this front muscle is going to take over your core. We’re really focused on all the back muscle. Really make sure you push up through your heels, and squeeze your butt all the way up from the bottom. So over here squeeze, and don’t forget to breathe.

Oh my God that was so powerful. So that was our weighted section. We’re going to go and do some floor work over there. Lots of variations — it kicks butt. Weight sare done. Really burns. A lot of floor work. People think that it doesn’t do much, but when you do it properly. So now we’re finished the session except for one more thing, which is a wall squat for as long as we can.

We’re going to do a wide leg wall squat. I’m tired. Wall squat because it works your inner thighs more. So I consider most of the exercises when you are doing your wall sit. If you’re not pushing through your heels, then your funny legs going to work and we work that in everything we do. We really want to focus on your butt. So you’re going to push through your heels, push back against the wall, and make sure your posture is on point. 3 minutes 15 you are amazing, oh my God 5 minutes.

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