What we have done so far at Asia Society Switzerland in 2017

We put together a short recap of our events and projects in the first half of 2017. Thank you all for your support and trust to make all these great encounters happen!

January 12: «Contemporary Vietnam Through an Art Collectors Eye»

More photos here. ©Niklas Stauffer / Asia Society Switzerland

Swiss collector Paul Hugentobler presented his stunning collection of contemporary Vietnamese paintings for the first time at Galerie Hauser & Wirth in Zurich. 120 guests attended the art work presentation and listed to Mr. Hugentoblers unusual story of how his fascination for Vietnamese art was ignited.

February 1: Private Art Tour for Members at Helmhaus Zurich

In February we invited our members for a private art tour through the exhibition «Hinter jedem Berg steht noch ein Berg / 山外有山» at Helmhaus Zurich. At display were artworks from contemporary Chinese and Swiss artists.

February 8: «Can Asia Save the World?»

More photos here. ©André Hengst / Asia Society Switzerland

Former Singapore diplomat Kishore Mahbubani shared his positive outlook on Asia’s future in our global world order at Hotel Eden au Lac in Zurich. “Things I particularly like about Kishore’s thesis is the way he balances both east and west in his recommendations.” commented one guest.

March 16: Private Art Tour for Members at the Johann Jacobs Museum

An exclusive tour for our members explored the ancient Chinese tradition of fire offerings and how it adapted to modern society’s needs and expectations for the life hereafter. The exhibition «Holy Goods — Chinese fire offerings and the cult of globalized consumption» was at display at the Johann Jacobs Museum in Zurich.

March 23: «The Iran Salon»

More photos here. ©Niklas Stauffer / Asia Society Switzerland

At our first Salon three experts provided different perspectives on the society, politics and everyday life in contemporary Iran. Ramita Navai, award-winning British-Iranian journalist and author; Hossein Rassam, Iran analyst; and Philippe Welti, former Swiss Ambassador to Iran engaged in small conversation rounds with our guests at Villa Tobler in Zurich. One attendee said: “The format was unusual and well worth repeating, the guests were interesting (and different!), the food was much appreciated — and the ambience was exceptional.

April 5: «One Country — How Many Systems?»

More photos here. ©GCSP / Asia Society Switzerland

Anson Chan, former Chief Secretary of Hong Kong, commented on the recent Chief Executive elections and expressed her concern on the 20-year-anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong from Great Britain to the PRC this year. Ms. Chan was interviewd by Carl Ungerer at the GCSP in Geneva.

In the media:

April 27: Special Preview of Li Gang’s Solo Exhibition

On a rainy night in April, art enthusiasts came together at Galerie Urs Meile to get an exclusive preview of emerging Chinese artist Li Gang’s solo exhibition in Lucerne.

May 4: «Preparing for the Asian Century»

©Asia Society Switzerland

In May we hosted our first Mentor talks for students at Kaffeehaus zur Weltkugel in Zurich. In small groups of 8–10, the students had a chance to ask the mentors questions about their future career in Asia. One student concluded: “We have so many possibilities to work in Asia, it just requires passion!”

May 11: Launch of the «How to Learn Chinese»-Website

Visit the website.

The website “How to Learn Chinese” helps you find a Chinese course in Switzerland or online and gives you an overview of helpful resources. Currently, we are listing courses in Zurich and region, with more cities to come soon!

May 17: «President Trump: The First 100 Days»

©Vontobel. Watch the recap here.

In cooperation with Vontobel we hosted a panel on Trumps first 100 days in office. Guest speakers were Evan Medeiros, Managing Director for Asia at Eurasia Group; Constanze Stelzenmüller, Senior Fellow at Brookings Institution; and Zeno Staub, Vontobel’s CEO. The panel was moderated by Ed Luce, chief US commentator for the Financial Times.

May 18: «From Superpower to Global Leader»

More photos here. ©Peter Schnetz / Asia Society Switzerland

Evan Medeiros, specialist on China’s foreign and national security policies, shared his views on China’s ambitious “One Belt, One Road” project and the country’s global ambitions at the University of Basel.

In the media:

June 1: «In Conversation: Princess Akiko of Mikasa»

More photos here. ©André Hengst / Asia Society Switzerland

Princess Akiko of Mikasa, art historian, and Swiss-Japanese fashion designer Kazu Huggler engaged in a conversation around Japanese culture and tradition and the perception of Japanese art in the West. Over 140 guest attended the talk at schwarzescafé, LUMA Westbau, Zurich.

June 27: «India: The World’s Swing Power?»

More photos here. ©Asia Society Switzerland

Reuben Abraham, CEO of IDFC Institute, a Mumbai-based think tank, discussed China-India relations at Kaffeehaus zur Weltkugel in Zurich.

Mark your calendars — Here is a sneak peek of the myriad of events Asia Society Switzerland will host after the summer break:

August 31: Asia Society Book Club: «Wish Lanterns» by Alec Ash 
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September 12: «Singapore Dance Theater» in Zurich

September 13: «Singapore Dance Theater» in Geneva

September 20: Orville Schell in conversation with Sebastian Heilmann

September 23: Khatakali performance at Museum Rietberg Zurich

October 3 & 4: Conversation with Alec Ash

October 26: José Ramos Horta at University of Basel

We are looking forward to seeing you soon again!