The Hunt Begins

Well, we are officially pooped after our first full day of hunting for scooters / apartments. We wasted no time getting up at 5:45am (thanks jetlag), finding a place to get egg pancakes, heading to the bank to change money, and hooking Sean Tyler up with a free cellphone sim card for a month.

With our morning complete, we then went to the place where bubble tea came from and had some lunch. Needless to say, the bubble tea was out of this world good and the food was delicious.

This brought us to around 2pm, which is when the scooter hunt officially began. Side note: while driving around town looking for scooters to buy is already stressful, tack on a hot day with incredibly high humidity. The sweat was flowing and the dehydration was a constant battle.

But wait, there’s more! Once we finished looking for scooters around 6pm, we then setup one final outing to look at our first apartment. Although we’re sorry to report it won’t work for us, we’re still happy we at least got the ball rolling. 1 day down, 364 to go.

Also, a big thank you to Kay, Sevina, and Sevina’s coworker! You guys make dreams come true.