Start ASICS Digital Publication

Kaz said “Let’s create our tech blog”, so we created ASICS Digital publication!

This publication has the following rules:

  • ASICS is a global company, so write at least in English (and possibly write Japanese version)✏️
  • There is variety of field of “tech” not only digital but also products
  • Do not violate ASICS identity
  • These rule can be changed anytime

This publication can be deleted anytime. You know why, right?😉

As far as I know this is rare case that this size of big and traditional Japanese company starts a technology blog. I want to share the detail how we accomplish to start this publication.

First, the reason why we want to start blogging is followings:

  • ASICS has excellent technology but we have a limited way to share technology
  • ASICS are trying to become not just a manufacture but also a service provider company
  • After acquiring FitnessKeeper, ASICS desire to be better became stronger
  • I joined ASICS

The following is timeline:

  • Late June 2017, agreed to have tech blog with Kaz
  • Early July 2017, talked with global PR. Recognized ASICS has really strict rules to open information. Nearly impossible. Kaz said to me that we must have other ways to do this
  • Late July 2017, talked with IR. She said publishing technology blog is the first time for ASICS. She also proposed that if we get permissions from global marketing and technology managers, it should be OK
  • Middle August 2017, talked with global marketing senior general manager. He was excited about this idea. He promised us that he is going to be responsible for this challenges. He also said he is going to talk this with CEO!
  • Early September 2017, CEO said YES!!!

(Because we are global company, we have huge time differences. Executives were in Kobe, Tokyo, Boston, Korea and London. And they have a quite tight schedule. This is the reason it took so much time. We will resolve this issue in near future.)

When we started creating this publications, we found this was quite hard to do because we have a strict rule to share product information. However, all managers I talked to were really excited about this type of challenges. They encouraged me to work on this project. My co-workers who read this entry may be surprised by the fact that this project were accepted in this easy way. The timing was good, too. ASICS desires changes.

One important note that I have to state here is ASICS does not want to change its “core”. Our core is we are serious about our customers, our products, and our technology. If we change the core, we are no longer ASICS. So, this publication have to remember our identity and want to expand our capability.

At the beginning, we focus on our digital technology. In future, hopefully, we can share the product technology in this publication. Do you know how good leather shoes ASICS produce?😉



  • 弊社はグローバル企業だから、英語で書く(日本語版も書けるなら)✏️
  • 弊社はメーカーだから”テック”の分野は広い
  • 弊社のアイデンティティから逸脱しない
  • ルールはいつでも変更可




  • ASICSは技術力が非常に高いのに、情報発信する場が限られていた
  • ASICSはサービスも提供する会社に変わろうとしていた
  • Runkeeperを買収し、変わろうという意識がより強くなった
  • 私がジョインした


  • 2017/06下旬 情報発信するぞ!とKazに同意を取る
  • 2017/07初旬 社内のグローバルPRの方と話し、情報公開に関するルールが厳格なことを確認。IRなどの担当の方とお話することに。Kazにきっとなんとかなるからと慰められる
  • 2017/07下旬 IRなどの担当の方と話す。前例がないため、グローバルのマーケティング統括部長・デジタル統括部長と承認があれば、問題ないのでは?と提案を受ける
  • 2017/08中旬 グローバルのマーケティング統括部長がノリノリで快諾。責任なら俺が取る!と応援してくれた。社長に話してもらえることに
  • 2017/09初旬 社長ノリノリでOK






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