Yippee! Your Medium Response is Relevant!

What, if anything, does this mean?

Roz Warren, Writing Coach
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4 min readJun 6, 2024


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You publish your latest Medium Masterpiece. Readers begin to read and respond. They clap. They highlight. They post comments.

Medium sorts these comments into two categories — RECENT and RELEVANT.

Recent is easy. That’s a simple matter of chronology.

But relevant?

What does that even mean? And how is it determined?

What’s a Relevant Response?

I became curious about this, so I began looking at the responses to my work that Medium finds relevant, to try to figure out why Medium thinks those responses are more relevant than any of the other responses to my work.

And I can’t figure it out.

Is the most relevant response the one that received the most claps? Not always.

The one that received the most reads? Occasionally.

Does it answer a question I’ve posed in my essay? Sometimes.

Is it particularly witty or insightful? Not as often as you’d think.

Maybe it’s just because the algorithm has a massive crush on that writer!



Roz Warren, Writing Coach
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