Rina Kopievskaia
Jul 20 · 3 min read

Hello dear readers!

If you are reading my second article, it means that you are interested in the AskBrains project and I am very happy about it!

In this article I would like to tell you in detail about all the benefits for experts via using our social network.

Let’s go!

1. Each expert can determine the cost of his services.

Our social network provides experts with the opportunity to choose the options of services, that they want to provide to users, and cost. Our team is going to attract world-renowned experts, investors and advisors. It’s no secret that time is expensive, especially the time of such busy people. Therefore, our team decided not to limit the experts on how much they estimate their time. We are sure that whatever amount the expert has indicated, there will be a person who is ready to pay to communicate with him.

2. Experts will not receive thoughtless mailings and spam.

People don’t respect with what they get for free and it’s very sad. If contacts of someone person (for example super-duper investor) get into public access, he will be overwhelmed with absolutely mindless letters, advertising and spam during the very next day. People don’t even think about whether this person invests in this industry or not! They simply hope: “It may be lucky!” And there are hundreds of such people! And a conscientious startup founder who has been searching for the right investor for months will simply not get an answer, because his letter will be lost in this «garbage».

Therefore, any contact with experts is paid. So users will be more thoughtful about the question of which experts to contact, so as not to lose their money.

And experts will receive only a few letters a day. But really interesting letters with a suitable topic.

3. Filter to find experts based on AI.

Experts will have to fill out a very detailed questionnaire about what interests them, what they invest in, and what problems and topics they understand during registration. But it is better to spend 1 time 20 minutes, than lose hours to raking uninteresting messages in the future.

Artificial Intelligence analyzes the questionnaires and helps users select the most appropriate expert. This is a guarantee that users won’t send suggestions and questions to experts that don’t correspond to their interests and positioning in business.

4. Communication only at a convenient time.

Each expert will have a calendar in which he will be able to mark what time is non-working for him, what days are days off. They will not receive alerts from users at this time.

Also, if chats, calls or meetings are booked for a specific date and time, this will be noted in calendar.

5. Chat, appointment or call can’t be missed.

If the expert has confirmed that he wants to provide the service, he will set a time and date together with the user. This event is simply impossible to miss due to the connection with Google calendar and Twilio. The expert will receive reminders on the phone. If the expert changes plans for some reason, he can cancel meeting with the user. Money will be returned to the user in this case.

6. Transfer earned money to charity in one click.

We understand that many experts are more than wealthy people. The assigned amount will be completely symbolic for most (just to avoid receiving spam). Therefore, we will select a list of charitable organizations, among which the expert will be able to choose the one he likes and send a donation in 1 click without leaving the AskBrains network. Also, experts will be able to transfer the amount as a reward to the AskBrains team.

I hope that now no one has any doubt that AskBrains network is truly revolutionary in the world of the crypto industry. I also personally will develop the perfect UX / UI model so that using our social network become as simple and comfortable as possible!

Thanks for attention! I’m waiting for your “claps”, if you liked this article or it was useful for you!

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Ask Brains

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Rina Kopievskaia

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Co-founder, UX/UI specialist, SMM manager.

Ask Brains

Anything you want to ask and even more

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