Rina Kopievskaia
Jul 20 · 4 min read

Hello dear readers! This is the third article that I write about our revolutionary AskBrains social network.

You will learn about all the benefits for users in this article!

Let’s go!

1. Only verified experts.

The beginning of any crypto-business is very dangerous for newbies. This world is full of people who want to deceive you or to cash in with your project. Moreover, fraudsters leave newbies — founders with a huge debt, breaking a lifetime! A lot of articles about this are in the Internet. From personal experience: scammers tried to involve us in the fraudulent scheme 2 times!

There are also people who just enjoy getting attention to themselves. They are registered under the names of well-known investors, professionals and communicate with interested people. And then they just disappear (we personally met several such people). Users simply lose time in this case, but also feel sorry for it.

Therefore, each expert on our platform will undergo the KYC procedure. Users will be sure that they communicate with real people. If several complaints are received about an expert, he can be permanently removed from the platform.

2. You will be answered with almost 100% probability or we will return the money.

Experts don’t receive an ocean of spam and mindless emails due to the fact that all contacts with experts are paid. Amount of people willing to write decreases and your letter won’t be lost! Moreover, whatever service you choose, the expert will receive a reminder about the application until confirms or rejects it. Services are paid in advance, but if the expert rejects the application, the money will be returned to the user.

3. A poorly rendered service can be challenged and refunded through a Judges Committee.

Experts are people too. We can’t vouch for them, but we can control the quality of their work. If you received a formal reply to your paid question from an expert or the answer was given off topic, you have the right to appeal to the Judges Committee. Objective people will appreciate the work of the expert and return the money to you if they consider his work to be of poor quality. This also applies to Q&A session, chat (if the expert was slow to answer or specially stretched the time) and interviews. All written information is stored inside distributed ledger and can’t be lost. Our team can’t control and evaluate calls, video calls and meetings, so we recommend you to chat first with an expert.

4. Filter to find experts based on AI.

Experts will have to fill out a very detailed questionnaire about what interests them, what they invest in, etc.

Artificial Intelligence analyzes the questionnaires and helps users select the most appropriate expert. This is a guarantee that users won’t send suggestions and questions to experts that don’t correspond to their interests and positioning in business. This means that your money won’t be wasted!

5. Everyone will find a service that matches his request and wallet!

We are going to gather on our platform world-famous people (experts and investors who don’t distribute their personal data and with whom it’s very difficult to contact). The time of these people is certainly very expensive. Therefore, we have created an advanced list of services that experts can provide (from the cheapest to the incredibly expensive). You can find a service that will satisfy you as much as possible and won’t have to pay more.

For example, you want an expert to evaluate your idea. You shouldn’t book a call or chat with an expert, but simply formulate your question well and use the Q&A session. This will significantly reduce your expenses. But if you want, of course, you can book any service, if you can pay for it! Maybe you would like to meet with some of the experts during a business lunch. Although I’m sure it will be cosmically expensive! But why not!

6. There is also a free version of communication with experts!

If you have already communicated with an expert and have interested him, he may mark you as an “interesting interlocutor.” If the expert does this, you will be able to write him for free.

I acquainted you with all the benefits for users, who will soon be able to register in our AskBrains social network.

Thanks for attention! I’m waiting for your “claps”, if you liked this article or it was useful for you!

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Ask Brains

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Rina Kopievskaia

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Co-founder, UX/UI specialist, SMM manager.

Ask Brains

Anything you want to ask and even more

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