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Why Is Apple keeping App Store Connect Open For The Holidays?

App Store Connect is an exclusive service only available for Apple gadgets such as iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Mac, and iMessage. It gives a flexible user experience when it comes to managing the applications that you develop and post in the App Store. Though it is basically offering a wide range of web tools to ease the management of app creators, it is also the main reason it is vital.

As you may know, developing an application is complicated enough on its own:

  • You will need to come up with a feasible idea and then conduct deep research about it; You will need to design the application and build a landing page.

If there is no App Store Connect existing today, you won’t be able to prepare the metadata and application titles in the App Store, which could be a great hassle in developing.

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Why Apple Made Changes in App Store Connect this Year?

Why Is Apple keeping App Store Connect open for the holidays

Every holiday, the consumers are expected to spend time in leisure and entertainment. In human nature, we allot the vacation in holidays and reward ourselves with different kinds of prizes such as traveling, having time with family, and spending money to have fun. So when you say fun, applications are one of the most common sources that we can think of. The convenience and entertainment offered by apps are undoubtedly irresistible, after all.

Because of that, app developers and technology experts take good advantage of the perfect holiday season to release their creations. It is actually a great idea considering the availability of viewers globally. Here are some of the main reasons why applications from the App Store are in demand and effective to release during holidays:

  • The spare time of people can encourage them to download and try different and new apps.

There are more reasons for different kinds of businesses, but these three are probably the main ones. App development and creations are higher than ever when it comes to holidays, and there is a considerable cause to it.

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Why is Apple Keeping App Store Connect Open for the Holidays This Year?

It is excellent now that you have had a glimpse of the application demands during those seasons, but do you already know why is Apple keeping App Store Connect open for the holidays? And Apple is also providing a wide range of App Store Connect benefits for the App developers, which are stated below:

1. For developers to view the statuses of developed Apps from the App Store even on Holidays

There are no holidays to entertainment and app services, which is why App Store Connect ensures that the access will be available in such hectic times. ASC needs to be present to serve the developers in viewing different statuses of their Applications. For example, if the users are sending feedback that needs to be responded; or when there are queries that need to be attended to. It may seem basic, but it is a difficult task for developers. Good thing that App Store Connect is available continuously, even on holidays, for a developer’s ease in reviewing the App Status.

2. For Developers to manage the app’s beta testing TestFlight even in Holidays

Technically, it is challenging to do beta testing if there is no available App Store Connect during holidays. Beta Testing is the act of testing and distributing iOS Apps in App Stores to be officially published. TestFlight allows the specific developers to bypass the arduous binding procedure of Apple in testing the newly released versions of every application. It will enable the Beta Apps to be tested, tracked, managed, and installed without any hassle. Through this feature by ASC, technologists can do complicated tasks at a faster phase-in managing the application’s test flight.

3. For Developers to monitor the application’s sales and performance even on Holidays

Application performance evaluation is not a new concept. Still, it was previously confined to the program development process to ensure that the app matched expectations when it was deployed. On the other hand, the current expectation in the future business environment is for apps to be accessible at all times on any gadget. As you may know, monitoring the performance of an application is critical, and it should be done on a frequent basis. For example, App Store Connect is always available — even on holidays to improve the efficiency of the operation. Because apps are so important in today’s business world, application performance monitoring is extremely important.

4. For ASC to inform and notify the developers with key events even on Holidays

Through App Store Connect, even if the person is only on his iPhone gadget, he will be informed of the developed application’s key events. That way, the specialist will know exactly when to open the possibilities. ASC is like a mini secretary that gives developers all the information they need through simple notifications and reminders. That way, you as the developer will not have any worries and unnecessary concerns with the app you are managing, all you have to do is wait for the information, and you can decide later on.

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Can We Expect New Apps on Christmas Day?

Due to the changes made by Apple for the App Store Connect, there is a high possibility for a surge of new apps coming on Christmas Day. This is Apple’s Santa way of celebrating holidays — by making the users have a feast in excellent, fresh, and high-quality applications.

Since holidays are meant to give people the proper leisure they craved for a long time, App Store Connect pursues the target of making people happy — regardless of the season. The accessibility of ASC is beyond expectations that you can do almost unlimited activities relating to your application with ease as much as possible.



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