Leave a Legacy of Love — Start Planning Today

We all want to leave something behind for those we love. We want to be remembered. We want the world to be a little bit better because we were here. We call that a legacy. And the best legacy we can leave is the legacy of love. So how do we show and tell our love to our family and friends?

Financial Planning Is Love

Not everyone’s love language is fancy words. For some, a simple hug, a kind smile or a helping hand is the preferred language of love. Everyone has a different way of saying, “I love you.” As long as the one receiving our love hears it loud and clear- we’ve done well. But all of us can grow and add new ways of saying “I love you.” One of those ways may surprise you- financial planning and life insurance.

When your spouse, your children or grandchildren, or your nieces or nephews receive the benefits of your financial planning and life insurance in Chandler Arizona, they hear one thing loud and clear… that you loved them enough to plan for their future.

Financial Planning Is Easy

There are hundreds of financial advisers in Arizona who are ready to tell you complicated ways that you can financially plan for your future. But it’s really simple, as discussed in this excellent article by Forbes magazine. Check out these first three steps:

1. Spend less than you earn.
We know that this is easier said than done. As a matter of fact, it’s the simplest thing to understand in financial planning, and the hardest thing to do. So, sit down some Saturday afternoon, drink a cup of coffee (brew your own and start spending less right away-ha!), and add up your bills on one side of a piece of paper, and your income on the other side. Then drink some more coffee, and see what you can cut from the budget in order to make way for step number two.

2. Pay yourself first.
Before any money goes out the door- write a check to your savings plan (or auto draft from your checking account works even better!). Think how good you’ll feel as you watch that savings plan grow each month.

So where do you start? What type of savings plan is right for you?

  • Is it an annuity?
  • Is it a Roth IRA (and hey, what is a Roth IRA anyway?)
  • Is your 401k at work enough?
  • How does a 529 plan work?
  • What about Life Insurance- can that build savings too?

Talk to your trusted insurance agent in Chandler or the Phoenix area to get some of these answers. And if you don’t have an agent with whom you are comfortable- contact us.

3. Insure your big risks.
Here’s where your insurance agent in Chandler AZ can shine! It’s no good saving a huge nest egg for your future, and especially for the future of your loved ones, if one unexpected loss or lawsuit takes it all away. Of course you can’t guarantee that every risk can be protected against… but you can reduce your risks of loss substantially with good auto insurance, home insurance and umbrella insurance in Chandler Arizona. Make sure you sit down with your local insurance agent in Chandler (Joe’s Insurance is always a good place to sit down and chat)… and make sure that you have enough coverage against the big risks.

Financial Planning Includes Life Insurance Too

You can plan and save, but death can take it all away if you don’t plan for that too. Nothing says “I love you” and leaves a legacy better than plain old fashioned life insurance.

After the funeral is over, and the grief sets in for the long haul, your loved ones will need the money that you left behind. Their lives will be changed forever now that you are gone. That can’t be helped. But they can begin to rebuild with the legacy of life insurance that you left them. Make sure you have enough, and that it’s doing the job you need it to do.

Contact us to discuss your life insurance in Chandler. We are your neighbors and friends. Let us help you. Call Joe at (480) 940–0909.

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