Are You Treating Your Supporters Well?

The Quote & Question From Ask Yourself This For 11/9/2018

Today’s Quote

No one is irreplaceable, but neglect a person long enough and you will find out how hard they really are to replace. - J Cleveland Payne

Today’s Question

Are you treating your supporters well?

Behind Today’s Quote & Question

Because we are humans, we tend to act in ways that humans do that does not reflect well on our desired view of humanity.

Case in point, how you treat the people you believe you need most.

This quote came from a talk I gave to a group of small business owners on the value of employees and having them know their value from the view of their managers. If managers are not communicating to employees how valuable they are to the company, the employees are left to their own imagination on their worth.

More often than not, the most valuable ones perceive themselves as least valued and under-supported, and the least valuable think they are doing just fine.

If everyone is happy at their place of employment with the tasks they are given, all is fine. But as soon as a valuable employee gets a chance to jump ship, things get crazy. Feelings get hurt. Time and money get lost.

This goes just a well with general relationships. An abused spouse or overused friend will eventually feel enough pressure and find an escape route from their abuser and overuser.

When you lose someone in this way, whether it is a professional or personal matter, you will quickly realize that the good you were getting was well worth the extra money or attention you probably should have already been given.

You will also find just how much more it will cost to replace that person.

So, are you treating your supporters well?

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