Are You Wasting The Time Of Your Support System?

The question for 11/29/2018 inspired by a quote from Frank McKinley

Today’s Quote

There’s nothing mystical about this. All you have to do to wake up the Muse is give it something to do. — Frank McKinley

Today’s Question

Are you wasting the time of your support system?

Behind Today’s Quote & Question

The people who have your back should know you have their back.

They shouldn’t assume this is the case, they should be 100% certain. After all, you are 100% certain that they will be there for you when you make a call for help.

The people who have you back should also know that you will be a good steward of their time and abilities. You will not waste their time they could be doing something productive for themselves by convincing them to do something that you know is a total waste of everyone’s time.

After all, these people help maintain you. They stick up for you. They stand in for you.

The very least you can do is show them enough respect not to waste their time.

So, are you wasting the time of your support system?

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