Do You Have A True Memory Of The Way You Use To Be?

The Quote & Question From Ask Yourself This For 11/7/2018

Today’s Quote

The struggle of people against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting. - Milan Kundera

Today’s Question

Do you have a true memory of the way you use to be?

Behind Today’s Quote & Question

Time changes everything, even if the change is a simple as ‘it got a little older.’

But if you don’t take the time to document the changes as they happen, or at lease as you notice them, you will have a hard time determining when what change actually occurred, and why.

It is the why that is important because if you can identify the need for change and what change was made, you can give yourself an honest evaluation of yourself. If you can give an honest evaluation of yourself, you can give advice to other to assist them in their lives without fear of repercussions from those who know the real you.

And you sound less like a hypocrite if you can tell a person the power behind the change you made if you were doing exactly the same thing they are.

So, do you have a true memory of the way you use to be?

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