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How to Create Your Tinder Profile to get Exactly What You Want

Creating the perfect online dating profile is an art. How do you perfectly reflect your personality, style, and preferences in just a few pictures and a short bio? And more importantly, how do you get the matches you want to chat with you? To go on a date with you? The answer is in curating your bio and pick up lines to reflect exactly what you’re looking for.

But before you begin crafting the perfect pickup line, you need to have a solid profile that honestly reflects you as a person. The last thing someone wants is to start a relationship with you under false first impressions, just to, later on, find out that you have nothing in common with each other.

Every profile should include these basics:

A high-quality photo of just you. This means decent lighting, a good angle, and a smile. And don’t use a group shot for your first picture– save those for the end of your profile. Users are more likely to swipe past profiles that use only group shots– no one wants to spend the time trying to figure out whose profile it is. (And we all assume it’s the one who’s least attractive.)

An action shot. Including a picture that shows your hobbies is an easy way to show off your interests and create connections. Do you like cooking? Have a friend take a shot of you in Iron Chef action. Are you constantly outdoors? Use a photo of you from your latest hiking trip. Avoid using photos that are too similar or don’t portray any personality– no one wants to see the same selfie of you in your bathroom, in your room, and your kitchen.

A well-written bio. No bio = no matches. While a good quality photo will catch initial attention, it’s the bio that will reel in the matches. A well-written bio that reflects your personality and interests is how you will create a personal connection with someone. A few facts about yourself, a cheesy pickup line, and a suggestive slur will all bring in different types of matches. Use your bio efficiently, and you can bring in any type of match you want.

Now that you’ve created the perfect profile base, here’s how to customize it to get exactly what you want.

If you want the hookup…

What was Tinder created for? Don’t be shy here– being upfront about what you’re looking for is the best way to get what you want, and save time for those who aren’t looking for the same thing.

How to do it:

Be upfront. No need to beat around the bush here (or so we hope). If you want to hook up for the night, say it. Using a line like “Not looking for anything serious” or “Just here for one night ;)” can show that you’re here for a good time, not a long time.

Go for the shirtless pic/bikini pic. When looking for a potential hook-up, you’re probably less interested in personality. Go ahead and use a sexy pic that shows off your assets (or just your ass) to visually portray what you’re looking for.

Be suggestive. When sending that first message, a compliment on someone’s physical appearance will establish that you’re interested in something physical. A flirty or suggestive comment can be the first step to starting a seriously sexy chat session.

If you want the potential serious relationship…

Believe it or not, Tinder could be the start of your next serious relationship! Just don’t tell your parents how you met. Of course, any one-night stand can end up turning into an actual relationship, but if you’re only searching for the one, you need to make that known.

How to do it:

Be honest. The most obvious and important thing to do. You can’t start a relationship based on photoshopped pictures or overly-exaggerated facts, so be honest in what you say about yourself. It’s the best way to find someone who will be attracted to who you are as a person.

Include family pictures. Nothing screams boyfriend material like a cute pic of a guy hugging his mom. Including pictures of you with your family shows that you may be open to introducing them to your potential Tinder match at some point.

Show that you’re serious. If you’re serious, you’re probably trying to avoid the. No need to share how much you’re making per year, but including your stable job status will show that you’re established, and appeal to like-minded matches.

If you want the friend with benefits…

There’s a fine line between occasional hook-up, boyfriend/girlfriend, and friends with benefits. And walking this line can be extremely difficult if feelings become involved for either party. If you’re willing to risk it for the biscuit, try including the following.

How to do it:

Don’t give out too much personal information. Skip the sentimental stuff, and stick with including only a few interests in your bio. You want your “friend” to have things in common with you, you just don’t want them to become too emotionally attached. Staying shallow here can help avoid attracting any deep-divers.

Flirt it up. Nothing is more exciting than a fun and flirty conversation with a cute new Tinder match. Start the convo using a suggestive emoji and a cheeky “You look like trouble”. Start off flirting and you’ll stay on your match’s mind.

Establish your style. You and your FWB will need to be on the same page. If you only hit each other up late at night with that “You up?” or if you plan ahead with a “Getting drinks tomorrow night, looking for an after-party at your place”, having an established way of hooking up can help keep things casual.

If you want the“coffee date”…

Unless your coffee date is taking place after 10:00 pm, everyone knows going out for coffee is code for no sex. If you’re only interested in friendship or want to start off slow, a coffee date is a perfect way to get to know someone, without any late-night pressure.

Ask for recommendations. A sneaky way to divert from undesirable dates is by asking for recommendations. Adding “Where can I get the best coffee around here?” to your bio will gracefully guide your match into the type of date you want, without them even noticing.

Consider your picture locations. A picture of you out partying at a bar, and a picture of you serenely studying at a coffee shop will send two different messages to your potential matches. If you’re looking for a low-key coffee date, include a photo of you at your favorite coffee shop– just make sure the location is recognizable enough for someone to say “Hey, I love that place!” and you’ll be meeting there for coffee in no time.

Innocence is bliss. Trying to avoid sex on Tinder is like trying to avoid water in the ocean. No one wants to receive unwanted sexual advances, so try keeping your profile clean and clear. Explicitly state that you’re not interested in sex, avoid posting suggestive photos and that’s all there is to it.

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