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This or That? Profile Photo Edition

Photos can feel like the most important part of an online dating profile. If you’ve ever been stuck trying to decide between a mirror pic or a selfie, you know the feeling. What about taking a photo with good lighting? Should you smile in all of your pictures? Having trouble deciding which photos to include in your dating profile is common. The type of photos you use on your profile can say a lot about you– so you’ll want to use this to your advantage.

Every profile should include some basics that provide variety and show personality. Consider the angle, lighting, and quality of every photo you decide to post.

Your Photo Checklist:

  • Cute selfie
  • Action shot
  • Personality pic
  • Group photo

Your profile should include between 5–8 photos that display who you are as a person. Five bathroom mirror pics won’t do this so well, so when you’re trying to decide between this photo or that photo, consider this advice.

Selfie or Mirror Pic?

If you’ve run out of personality pics and action shots, you may have to resort to a selfie or mirror pic. While neither of these types of photos is ideal, the selfie is the winner here. A mirror picture can be a better way to get a full-body shot, but typically the quality of a well-angled selfie is better. Just make sure you have good lighting, and take the selfie from a higher angle, never from below the chin.

Winner: Selfie

Inside or Outside?

One thing to avoid here is having all of your photos taken in the same location– no one needs to see your bathroom three times in a row. Indoor lighting is less flattering than natural or outdoor light, so try to take your photos outside or with light coming in from a window. This will automatically give your photos a higher quality. Bonus points if your photo includes some nature.

Winner: Outside

Serious or Smiling?

You want the photos on your profile to reflect your personality- so there’s no right answer here. A serious smirk will give off a different impression than a playful smile, so keep that in mind. If you do have a serious side, try to relate that in your photos. If you feel most confident with a big smile, go for it. If you can do both, all the better.

Winner: Both!

A good variety of high quality photos will improve your profile– which means more matches! For more tips on how to get the most out of your online dating profile, try downloading the Cupido app. Trained by analyzing millions of dating profiles, Cupido is an AI that can improve your dating profile by providing tips like these, as well as personalized advice and unique conversation starters. Discover Cupido today and say goodbye to boring.



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