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[Askify] How we went Viral in minutes?

[Askify] Search Presidential Candidates

Last week I showed you Askify which made Y-Combinator searchable to the exact moment of discussion, This time around we wanted to reach more masses and get their reactions and feedback. For that, we wanted to go for a topic that is more pronounced and known to common people and we thought Hey, Why not make Presidential candidates campaigns/debate searchable.

Disclaimer: This is an experiment/tech display, please don’t take results to the Heart as the video repository may not contain everything about them.

How did it begin?

And that’s How it began, we picked contents from their official Channels and made them searchable in a way that anything that they have ever said about any topic or just in general in a given repository would become searchable. Now we wanted to reach the masses so we went around different places to get this out but somehow we were not able to reach people, Then one of my friends suggested Reddit and we posted the link on different subReddit and to my surprise, one of the subreddit started receiving upvotes at a very fast pace. We knew this was getting viral.

Snapshot of google analytics stream view

From 10 searches every 30 minutes we were gradually seeing traffic to 100–200 and then 700 searches every 30 minutes, Our servers were highly excited as we had made special care in making it scalable thus, with that extreme load also we were easily serving results in low 80–100ms. People were loving it. Website Link: [Askify]

Let me just show you, How this works.
Question: Will you raise taxes?

[Askify] Will you raise taxes?

And Behold we got videos from the candidates one after another which plays from the exact moment (55.02 minutes) when they have talked about taxes, Alternating results from both the candidates

You can even ask a person directly eg: Joe Biden

Question: What is Biden's stand on Racism in the justice system?

[Askify] What is Biden’s stand on Racism in the justice system?

This uses recent breakthrough in AI and NLP to go beyond keywords and understands semantics of natural language.

Not only this, we have included 20+ pre-populated important questions beforehand so that people can easily browse through their answers, You can ask anything that they have ever said or talked about in a given repository.

Disclaimer: This is a Tech Display, please don’t take results to the Heart as the video repository may not contain everything about them.

Product Hunt

we have recently launched on Product Hunt, If you liked this please gives us an upvote there.
Link: [ProductHunt]


Do share the links and claps in spreading the word and helping us reach out to more people.

Website Link: [Askify]
Product Hunt: [ProductHunt]
LinkedIn: [Pratyush Raj]
Twitter: [Pratyush Raj]




We are Askify, browse through our personalities search, search their speeches, talks, and interviews to the exact point of discussion

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