A lot of people told me “you should write a book about what you do!” since I started with photography back in late 2014, almost three years ago. And I knew I want to write down everything I learned and everything I saw. So many different characters, so many weird stories and beautiful experiences. But I never did. I just forgot most of the things I talked and thought about in the last three years. For sure there are some main topics which are always in my mind but I lost all the cool conversations about spontaneous topics. I will change that and collect a lot of talks converted in small articles right here. Articles about naked girls, comfort zones, society, annoying boyfriends, mistakes I made, things I learned and a loooooot more.

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Maybe I will tell you some secrets, maybe not. We will see. Maybe I should do some interviews with girls I worked with and girls I want to work with in the future. Definitely I will talk about the psychologic part of shooting girls and what it takes to create a positive vibe. As you can see there is a lot of stuff in my mind right now, give me some time and I will write more and more about all this. I’m glad to share some of my thoughts with you and wish you a great day!