How Ads are Abusing Personal Privacy

Advertisements can become an extreme annoyance on the internet, especially when you feel like they do not even pertain to you. You may feel like you are seeing advertisements for things that you were searching a long time ago. For example, you may have been car shopping on the internet a year ago, and still sometimes see advertisements for buying a car. That’s because you are being surveilled on previous search history. This is called Stale Data. The reason you get these annoying ads is because the data you have on the internet cannot be erased. It is scary when you understand that once your data is taken, it is stored forever in databases.

This databases is used in a variety of ways to make sure they advertise the right things to you whether you want to see the ad or not.

An ideal world is receiving advertisements of things that relate to what you want or not seeing an advertisement at all. What if the ad you saw were actually ads you wanted to see? Similar to a farmers market where they try and sell people fruit who are looking for food and actually interest you. Someone who is shopping online for clothes can be able to see advertisement deals of things that they want to see.

Another scary database breach of privacy is called omnipresent surveillance, which is where they take your data and sell them to data brokers(people who will pay for your information to sell to larger advertisers). It is a huge abuse of your privacy and you have no idea how to track who has access to this data. These data brokers sell it to whomever wants it at a large price. It is similar to someone stealing something personal to you without you knowing and selling it for a profit behind your back. It is unfair and unethical.

Think about your best in person shopping experience but with the implementation of advertisements. For example, at Trader Joe’s they have advertisements for coffee samples next to the coffee isle, and you have the ability to say yes or no to this offer. You also have the ability to ask questions to find out more about the offer. This is similar to clicking on an ad to find more about it or ignoring it to say no.

You now have the ability to pick and choose when and where you want to be sold to. With Asora you have the ability to go on and off the grid whenever you choose to do so. You also have the power to matchmake your purchases with brands that you wish to receive ads from.

With the application Asora applied to your browser, you will no longer be surveilled and stolen from, we offer a sense of privacy when using the internet in a world where privacy is very important.

With a decentralized blockchain you will have minimal exchange of information given to a database.

No personal information is exchanged, no tailgating, and tracking to the user, regular transactions just like you were in a supermarket.

Asora is Privacy That Pays.