What Freemium Products aren’t telling you?

When you sign up for a free media platform, you have to keep one thing in mind — nothing in life is free. You need to understand that as a “free” consumer, the freemium companies need something in return from you for using their “free” media platform. Believe it or not, you are giving the freemium companies more money than you may know. First of all, the ad and marketing business is a 500 billion dollar industry. The large freemium companies that push ads so hard to you are tapping into that industry. They are making billions of dollars by pushing ads to you. But think about this, why aren’t you (as a consumer of those ads) getting paid some of that money? What if I told you that you could? (More on that below)

The three main awful things freemium companies do to get money off of free users are:

  1. Freemium software collects data from you to resell to marketers who are greedy for your information. This is not just a small portion of people who they steal data from either. You may be thinking “well it’s probably not my data”, but to be honest, you don’t know if you’re safe unless you have the correct privacy installed on your computer. Take Facebook for example, 87 million users had their data breached and sold to marketing companies. (https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/apr/08/facebook-to-contact-the-87-million-users-affected-by-data-breach). They may tell you that it is a safe and secure place, but they become greedy and understand just what your data is worth. Your data is worth a whole lot, and you should understand that giving it out for free like that is not fair. Especially when you can be getting paid just by keeping your data safe (more on that below).

2. They track you everywhere. They use data trackers and use your cookies from web searches to find out out more things about you. Like I said earlier, the ad industry is a 500 billion dollar industry that is willing to spend some of that money to know exactly what you look for so that they can advertise correctly to you. This is something that should scare you as a freemium user, they know a lot more about you than you think. Things such as your online buying habits are huge to marketers and freemium companies.

3. Lastly, they push ads to you every chance they can. Ever notice a page that has more advertisements than actual content? Me too. It’s becoming abundantly more common to see a cluster of advertisements on a page, especially when it is a freemium company.

Easiest solution to this:

My first proposal to this is that we should be able to be safer with our data and learn how to protect it ourselves when we are using these websites.

My second proposal to this is that I think we (users of freemium) should be able to tap into that 500 billion dollar industry. I think it is only fair to get paid ourselves because we’re the ones that make the large corporations so much money in the first place.

One easy solution to fight back against the freemium companies and accomplish both of my proposals is to download Asora to your browser. Here is why:

  1. We let you stay private while you are browsing any website and block all data trackers as well as block ads. So while you are on a freemium website, you are completely ad free and you cannot get your data stolen — this is a win win!

2. Each time you block an ad on these websites, you get paid. Each time your data tracker does any blocking, you get paid. Yes you! No more giving free money to the large corporations for selling you ads. Now you are the one that is getting that large advertisement/data money. You will be automatically paid in cryptocurrency through the Asora application. Add up your money and check to see how much you make in a day… you will be shocked.

Asora lets you take control of your privacy and monetize your online presence. Asora is Privacy that Pays.