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More Pinecones, Less Paw Patrol

We need to help our little people find magic in the wilderness, even while mourning its loss.

Photo by Brianna Sharpe

Our kids are learning to take their place between the pinecones and the pelicans.

Memory as a Conservation Tool

According to George Monbiot, the power of memory is an important tool for protecting fragile ecosystems — like “our” lake. (Photo by Brianna Sharpe)

Our kids should be able to identify a starling or columbine blossom more readily than they can Paw Patrol or Pepsi.

The Family Sit Spot

Little Grey Lamb and Mini Ewe at our family’s sit “shore explore.” (Photo by Brianna Sharpe)

Your backyard may be better than the boreal forest an hour away.



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Brianna Sharpe

Freelance writer, educator, community organizer, chronically caffeinated parent. She/her. @sharpe_bri