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Raising Kids who are Ready for Climate Change

I want my 3-year-old to be prepared for global warming. That means not telling him about it. Yet.

Photo courtesy Brianna Sharpe

How did I just give birth to two tiny people only to worry about whether they’ll be pushed from their home by the time they’re adults?

I was planning on teaching my children about all the “bad stuff” as soon as I could dress it up in developmentally appropriate language…but that may not be the best tactic.

The Skill of Perception

Knowing what’s right there around you — for food, for medicine, for fibre — this is a skill of perception.

Kids can learn the art of perception in their local environment, like the author’s toddler checking out these deer tracks. (Photo by Brianna Sharpe)

An Attitude of Reciprocity

For now, I won’t worry about explaining the impact of industrial development on groundwater to a 3-year-old.

Resilience as Empowerment

When I think about the kids, one thing I want them to do is not fall apart when shit gets hard.



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