Water, Water, Everywhere

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Aug 14, 2019 · 2 min read

Hello Asparagus readers,

This month, we’ve got water on the mind. Did you know it takes 2,700 litres of water to produce a single cotton shirt? Or that one out of five Canadian households drinks primarily bottled water?

That last statistic has our columnist Sara Bynoe, a.k.a. the Environmentalist from Hell, fuming. Even though many people believe it has health benefits, bottled water is typically no healthier than tap water and often comes loaded with microplastics, as Sara explains in her latest column: “If you live in a community with clean drinking water, but opt to purchase bottled water instead, I think your choice is wasteful, shameful, and tells me that you are a garbage person.”

To be sure, there are times when avoiding bottled water can be pretty challenging — like while travelling in a place where tap water is unsafe to drink. With this in mind, travel writer Breanna Wilson explores a solution: water bottles with built-in purification systems that enable you to drink water from almost anywhere.

Finally, in our inaugural print issue’s cover story (now online for our digital readers), journalist Shreya Kalra dives into the environmental footprint of the textile industry, including its seemingly unquenchable appetite for water and other resources.

If you aren’t all caught up, here are some more of our latest articles:

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Happy Reading!

Alia Dharssi
Deputy Editor, Asparagus Magazine

Asparagus Magazine

Asparagus tells the large and small stories of how we can live sustainably, from an environmental, social, and cultural perspective.

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    Asparagus Magazine

    Asparagus tells the large and small stories of how we can live sustainably, from an environmental, social, and cultural perspective.

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