Introducing ETHCC Builder State - Ignite Collaboration & Propel Ethereum Dev Ecosystem

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3 min readJul 4, 2023

Calling all builders, innovators, and visionaries!

Join us to embark on an extraordinary journey during the upcoming ETH Community Conference (ETHCC). Get ready to witness and be part of the birth of a groundbreaking initiative that will accelerate collaboration for builders of various L1/L2 ecosystems, developer-focused projects & communities, and hacker houses with different skills, backgrounds, and experiences.

Welcome to the ETHCC Builder State!

What is ETHCC Builder State?

The ETHCC Builder State is an innovative digital builder directory to enhance collaboration and foster connectivity for all builders attending ETHCC, with verified skills, impacts, experiences, and interests, powered by builder-focused digital identity Aspecta ID.

Aspecta ID

At the heart of the Builder State lies our mission of facilitating builder community growth. It is set to transform the way builders connect, collaborate (e.g., team up for hackathons), explore opportunities, and expand innovation’s boundaries across ecosystems.

(ETH Beijing Hackathon Builder State)

Latest ETHCC Builder State can be view at here.

Join the ETHCC Builder State Now!

🕙 Time: During ETHCC (July 3rd — July 23rd)

🔗 How to join the ETHCC Builder State?

  • You may click to register an Aspecta account and you will be automatically added to the Builder State waitlist. [Please be sure to link your GitHub account to Aspecta ID.]
  • A detailed tutorial to claim your Aspecta ID is here.
  • Qualified developers will receive an exclusive invitation to the ETHCC Builder State through email starting July 17th in a rolling basis. Upon receiving the invitation, you will be able to access your Aspecta ID and the ETHCC Builder State.
  • After joining the ETHCC Builder State, please set your status (e.g., working on a ZK Project and looking for a teammate to hack, etc.)
  • We encourage you to add your contact information (e.g., Telegram) in the Builder State. Only builders who are selected for ETHCC Builder State will be able to access your contact information to enhance privacy.
  • You may still sign up for the ETHCC Builder State after July 17th, as the application will be on a rolling basis. At the same time, if you spot any Aspecta team members on-site during ETHCC, speak to them and join the Builder State.

🤝 For Q&A, contact Aspecta team and meet with innovators who will attend ETH CC, join our Telegram group and stay connected

Special Shout Out To ETHCC Builder State Community Partners

We are grateful for the help of our valuable community partners to make this Builder State a significant one:

Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS), Biconomy, Antalpha Labs, Sozu Haus, Mantle Network, Manta Network, Hashkey Capital, Fenbushi Capital, ForesightX, SevenX Ventures, Mask Network, Polyhedra Network, ETH Storage, Hyper Oracle, Sending Labs, Huma Finance, Web3Buidler.Tech, OpenBuild, Blockless (in no particular order).

Let’s get started!

We cordially invite all builders, both experienced and aspiring, to join the ETHCC Builder State and become part of a transformative event with Aspecta. Together, we will create a vibrant community where innovation thrives, ideas flourish, and the boundaries of possibility are continually expanded. See you then!

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