Checking the Vital Signs of Our Democracy

Concerned about the state of American democracy? According to this expert, there’s a lot you can do about it.

Joe Goldman, President of The Democracy Fund, has dedicated his career to strengthening democracy in America.

In this episode of Achieve Great Things, Joe talks about challenges facing American democracy, from election hacking to declining trust in journalism and propaganda campaigns driven by artificial intelligence — and shares practical steps we can take to address them. “Everything that philanthropy cares about,” he says, “depends on a government that functions and a political system that raises up the voices of all the American people.”

Joe also shares insights from a unique resource — the Voter Study Group — that brings together public opinion experts from across the political spectrum to dig deeply into the dynamics of American politics.

They’ve explored questions such as:

Is America likely to have a third party?

How do religious Trump voters think about issues like race and immigration?

Do voters think a having strong leader who doesn’t have to worry about Congress or elections could be a good thing?

The answers might surprise you.

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