4 Things you should do before performing your poem

I’ve found a way to combine my passion for both poetry and theater. It’s a stage of self-discovery. Unleash the poet Within you has become for me a day of celebration; of this language, and the phenomenal beings,finally, unleashed. Tunis. Yasmine Nsiri.
@Oscar Keys

These were the words through which I tried to sum up my impression about Unleash The Poet Within you. During my three times on the Unleash the Poet Within You stage, I got a closer look at the vast world of spoken word; poetry, unexpected performances and deep expression of the mind.

Now some of you might think that this experience goes only for those who are completely fond of poetry and poets, but the truth is anyone who feels like unleashing the poet within them will definitely find the way to be one. Having said that, I hope these little pieces of advice resulting from my short experience as “an unleashed poet” can be much of a help for those of you who want to both speak up and rhyme.

1-Let yourself BE

On my first experience with Unleash The Poet Within You, I remember having sent my poem about ten minutes before the deadline. Now I’m not saying “keep the best for the last” or suggesting that a late admission is related to a good poem. I am just pointing here to the importance of spontaneity in your writing. Try not to leave it for a last moment, but make sure the ink on your paper is sliding with smooth thoughts and not forced ones. Don’t even think about imitating somebody’s performance or ideas. Seriously, don’t cling to details and search for a perfect story, you will shine if you just let yourself be.

2- Get Inspired !

Watching people from all over the world performing their spoken word is a handy way to discover this art and be encouraged to speak up yourself. Some can be mind-blowing, some will give you the courage to speak about things you thought you couldn’t put into words and some will even inspire your performance on stage. Getting to see other people perform is the simplest way to say how limitless spoken word is. Once you combine your words with your performance, you will most probably come up with something unique, almost magical. 😚

3- Do perform in front of your mirror

A known advice when it comes to public speaking is to literally perform to yourself before the due date. And guess what? It totally works. The trick is for your mind to save the little details of your movements and words during your rehearsal in a way that makes your performance on stage familiar to your own self. That way, you can be fluent and perform effortlessly despite the usual nervousness we people usually get on stage.

4- Do memorize your poem

I’ve tried both memorizing and reading from a paper during my performances. And the former is way more practical and helpful. A paper in your hand is such a distraction. You think you have it all in your mind and you probably won’t need to take a look at it but it will totally mess a thing up since it’s in your hands. Besides, if you decide to keep a paper with you, you probably won’t be able to make a good physical performance. It will actually take all your attention away. Thus, I strongly advise you to memorize your poem, perform it a few times, and live the moment on stage. Don’t let your mind be here and there. Just be in one place, and the best will come out.

These pieces of advice are the ones I’ll be following myself on my next performance of “Unleash The Poet Within You”. And believe me, each personal performance highlights a new lesson of doing things better.

And as I said, spoken word is a limitless art, and it only requires the courage to keep being who you are and bring that on stage.

I hope you give it a try and speak up on this special stage once, and I can be almost sure you will do it over and over again.