Create Your Own Public Slack Chat Community with Slackin

Ahmad Ajmi
Mar 16, 2017 · 3 min read

I was looking to create a Slack channel for Aspire Themes where I and my customers can discuss, share, and get fast support with Slack. The one thing I worried about is how anyone can get an invitation and join the channel easily.

I found Slackin to be a great solution, it creates a public landing page for users to fill their email to receive a Slack invitation.


Prepare Slack


  • Install the Now command line interface for with NPM.
npm install -g now

Next, from the command line, use the following command to deploy Slackin to ZEIT, using the API token and the team name you early created.

now -e SLACK_API_TOKEN="<token>" -e SLACK_SUBDOMAIN="<team-name>" now-examples/slackin

That’s all you need to do, and once the app is deployed, a new URL (example) for the landing page will be created and ready to share.

  1. Landing Page (Demo)
Image Credit

2. Badge (Demo)

3. Realtime Subscription (Demo)

Image Credit

The landing page URL will be similar to, and of course, customizing this URL to a subdomain would be another great step. I think ZITE Premium enables custom domain support, for now, I created a Masked URL Redirect Record with NameCheap and by doing this I can access the landing page from

Masked URL Redirect Record

I hope this will help you create your next Slack Channel, and if there any tips or recommendations you like to share, I would be happy to hear and learn from you.

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