To my refugee and immigrant friends, I want you to know how much I love, appreciate, and admire you.

My heart is breaking right now for Aleppo, especially for the children and families who will now become displaced. I am ashamed that the US and countries around the world aren’t doing more to assure the safe passage of Aleppo residents out of their city. I am ashamed that xenophobia causes people to fear their fellow humans, who are suffering without homes and proper resources.

I encourage you to do research and find out how you can help. The least we can do right now is show a refugee the love they deserve. Go volunteer at your local refugee services organization, donate to help the children of Syria, and call on your representatives to demand change.

Complacency is dangerous. Being a bystander is dangerous. Please do something for those wondering if they will wake up tomorrow.

I did some of my own research and found these reputable charities. There is no greater gift than the feeling of positively impacting someone’s life:

I also gathered some articles for those of you who want more information about what is going on:

Demand action!

My fellow Texans, please consider getting involved in the Refugee Services of Texas! They do amazing work. You can be directly involved with helping someone feel welcomed to the US through mentorship, apartment setups, airport greetings, etc.

I pray the world stops ignoring these horrid events.

Originally published at on 12/16/2016.