Python Coding Camp@kgisl

After lots of motivation, I planned to learn something new so we arranged the python coding session which was mentored by Mr. Ashok Bakthavathsalam (Managing Director, KGISL Group of Companies). We got a good place to work, that made us collaborate and work efficiently. Three students including me turned up to attend the session in the RedHat’ers Team on 27.08.2017.

We had our mentor teaching us through hangout call. We were also mentored by Sudharsan Rajendran(CEO,Codewalkers) and Ramya mam.We started our hangout call session with Ashok sir. He taught us lots of things and assigned few tasks us. He made us to create a team blog so that we publish the progress on a daily basis. Our team blog @aspiring-redhaters. Then he gave us lots of materials to learn python which was very useful for us to start up with. We started solving problems in Codingbat that seemed to be the best for the beginners because it had problems in all levels with solutions and hints.

After the lunch, We had the Cyberdojo session handled by Ramya mam which was then continued by Ashok sir. We were taught about the programming methodology by TDD(Test Driven Development). We were made to write test cases for a sample problem and then we started to solve the programs. We were given instructions about how to use it and to run the program as well. Our mentor gave us few tips in learning python and practice coding.

Finally we earned the KGISL badge for showing enthusiasm to learn Python over the weekend and we also promised him in learning python on daily basis.

Thank you so much for the Badge sir ashok. We promise you that we will continue doing all our works daily and publish our progress in the team blog.

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