How to perform a 1000% better?

Sustained performance happens when you trigger your own self-improvement. Here’s my 4Ps to trigger it.

  • Make Promises, Keep Promises (to a professional mentor, or even better, a personal board of directors, see Prologue below)
  • Monitor you Progress towards your Promises on a daily basis. Most importantly, publicly Publish that progress (in a private blog, or a public blog) whether you progress or not! #dontBreakTheChain
  • Mingle and Persevere with people who more or less have the same goals. Collaboration skills (a soft skill) is as important as any other (hard skill like programming). Fail fast, fail often if you have to (individually or as a group). Never, never, never, never, never, never, never give up.

What’s the 4th P? The final P (and the most important of them all) is all about Proactive (aka responsible) conviction. The secret to success is believing that you are a success (deep inside yourself), even before you become one. To build conviction (confidence), follow through on the main 3Ps, i.e., make more bolder promises, make more consistent progress and persevere with greater vigor until those promises are accomplished. Confidence breeds confidence. It is as simple as that.

Make Promises, Keep Promises
Progress (daily). Publish even if you don’t make progress.
Persevere (aka Grit)
Conviction in your Dreams.
Proactive Conviction:

Do you know the favourite Kural of the one of the most favourite Indian, who was always switched “ON” until his very last moment?

Abdul Kalam’s favourite Kural: 666

At the end of the day, it is all about consistent action, with conviction. You are either switched-on or switched-off. There is no in-between.

What are you? Switched on or off?

Make a pledge today to make and keep promises, publish your progress on a daily basis, and persevere until you achieve your dreams!


0. If Google should be your dream company, review the following link on a regular basis and just do it!

  1. Why you shouldn’t settle for one mentor — Instead, use a Personal Board of Directors! Read more about this at
  2. Even if you don’t make any progress, publish at least 100 words a day. Publish “Why?” you did not make progress! Also, use these questions to trigger thoughts for writing. If Nicolas Cole can write 10000 words per day, why can’t you aspire for at least 1% of what he does?
  3. And finally, above all, everything is more effortless to the extent there is lots of “Peace” (the 5th P?) inside you. Think about it. Only if you are sane can you even begin to internalize all that is written in this blog, right?

Also, IRONMAN James Lawrence (was recently in Coimbatore) and he challenged the audience with this brilliant question:

Be curious. Develop expertise. Work hard. Be a team player.
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