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Interspiration 2021 #34

These are my links from last week. On Friday, I got an unexpected call for a job that started Monday and I was in such shock it took me a week to recover. With everything going on, writing and the blog and sharing and reading got pushed to the back. With my first week done I am planning my new schedule and trying to figure out how much I can get done. But here are your sexy shares.

Every week I share the hottest reads (and sometimes some non fiction and occasionally a sexy picture) I came across for the week. If you’d like this in your inbox you can sign up for either my substack or medium newsletter.

Everything sexy this week

Rise and Fall

Dirty Weekend

Kind-of public sex: where they know you’re fucking in the toilets

Sunday Confession

Superhero threesome

Camilla’s Challenge ~ Short Story

10 of the Hottest Erogenous Zones Explained

The Arrest -5-

How to Create a Safe-for-Work Website for Your NSFW Content

A Fisherman’s Tale

Do You Plan Your Orgasm?

I’m Hotter in My 30s (or: Why I’m So Over Men who Fetishise Youth)

Are You Awake -7-

The Best Adult Games on Steam


Menopause horn — the sex surge is real


The Miracle of Love

Assassin’s Remorse

Come Upstairs

The Leatherbound Diaries 21 | by Patricia Ray

It’s Chilly Here, My Love

Midnight Cream

College Crush

Improving Donna — How To Add Spice to Your Life Part 7

One Night In Heaven

Virtues Part 3


What Asrai wrote lately (hint not a lot but I get to self promo myself anyway)

New book: Good Friends Share Alison loves her boyfriend but she’s always had a crush on his best friend.

Fuck the working class

All I need

Sugar Daddy Ride

Sub Queen the queen only trusts one man with her true needs

Creation Myth Every culture, religion, society has a creation myth

Embracing Bisexuality

Cathartic Spanking pain to feel better

Divorced Women Have More Fun it’s all in the freedom

Office Party Can she get back at her office rival by seducing his date?

Sugar Daddy Trilogy (calling it a series because I have a fourth story in the back of my head)



You know I have been writing smut for 23ish years. It’s finally paying off. I can arouse other people with my mind. I create fine written erotica that often pushes taboo themes. If it doesn’t get me off, you won’t find it here, and hopefully it will get you hot too.

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