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Interspiration 2022 #15

Everything sexy this week

Every week I share the hottest reads (and sometimes some non fiction and occasionally a sexy picture) I came across for the week. If you’d like this in your inbox you can sign up for either my substack or medium newsletter.

The Light in the Room


91% More Pleasure: How to Touch a Woman

On a Mystery Date with a Stranger: The Gift Box

Time On His Hands “ A few more hard thrusts have my eyes rolling to the back of my head.”

Beast Discovers Beauty

Quick. Quiet. Quell. “Quick” she said as she took my hand and pulled me into the cubicle with her

Call me Daddy books

The Story of Ben: Just Do Me. Sometimes a day can be so shitty you just need to be well… Fucked!

Night visions 1

Welcome to Vegas I push my fingers harder, curving them where she needs them.

Praise kink NSFW vid

Socks I love love criss cross look on stockings.

XY from Fi “I claim sloppy seconds!” she beamed.

An Airport Visit Her husband didn’t have to tell her to spread her legs.

Slut History: Mr Grey “You like that?” He asked me with a little smile.

Brats assemble ignore the hat enjoy the audio

What you missed from moi
Safe Chapter 5

Safe Chapter 4

Unexpected Visitor

Mutual Satisfaction



You know I have been writing smut for 23ish years. It’s finally paying off. I can arouse other people with my mind. I create fine written erotica that often pushes taboo themes. If it doesn’t get me off, you won’t find it here, and hopefully it will get you hot too.

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