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Interspiration 2022 #19

We’re back. I needed a break.

I also realized I’m in wait mode. Waiting for the end of the school year in Canada and I’m struggling to work on any projects until the end of the month.

But enough about me, let’s talk about you. And you are here for the smut

Every week I share the hottest reads (and sometimes some non fiction and occasionally a sexy picture) I came across for the week. If you’d like this in your inbox you can sign up for either my substack or medium newsletter.

Revenge And Restitution

‘Good Girls’ don’t

Please put it in me

A Beauty Needs Her Beast? — Pain

Unwind — Part 2; The Transaction

I Can Resist Anything Except Temptation

On a Mystery Date with a Stranger: A Painful Journey Ahead

Bedroom Eyes 1

You’ve got an exceptional dick, please use it wisely

Lesdom Lesson 4 | Threesome

Erectile Dysfunction (in romantic fiction)

Four in the Bed

Let’s Talk Hair Pulling

New Powers/New Pleasures: Telepornication #9

Unfuck Yourself for Pride

Wife Imprisonment: She ain’t no Princess.

Coming Clean — Learning to Love It


From Asrai

The Old Barn Chapter One

The Old Barn Chapter Two

Safe in His Arms on Inkitt



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