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Interspiration 2022 #5

Every week I share the hottest reads (and sometimes some non fiction and occasionally a sexy picture) I came across for the week. If you’d like this in your inbox you can sign up for either my substack or medium newsletter.

I didn’t share anything on Twitter this week and I didn’t meet my goal of posting every day in January. But I posted a lot and I started a new story/series which is how my best ideas happen. So I’m happy with that outcome. Work is hard. I’m trying to figure out a plan but all I have is the next step and that’s good enough. If there are any good tiktok accounts I should follow please let me know.

Everything sexy this week.

the conniving slut

The socialite

Wearing my wife’s panties

The bully

Dom drop experience

Real and practice

I want you to fuck with an ice cold dildo

Cold hard truth

Loose Morals — Consequences of Online Play

Gloria’s Holes

Best dildo tips

Sweet and sour girl

A Nympho & Her Cuckold #3 | by Sophia Dublin


Happy Birthday Tantalizing Tales #2

Shattered glass

Four ways I want to fuck Tony Stark

Row your Boat

What you missed from moi:

making love again

Amber’s Reward





You know I have been writing smut for 23ish years. It’s finally paying off. I can arouse other people with my mind. I create fine written erotica that often pushes taboo themes. If it doesn’t get me off, you won’t find it here, and hopefully it will get you hot too.

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Asrai Devin

Asrai Devin

Subscribe now My super power is creating arousal with words. Peddling the finest smut and erotic art.

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