Lovers to Enemies, Part II

Asrai Devin
Dec 8, 2019 · 6 min read
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Marc laid back and tugged her hand. “Kneel over me sweetness. Let me taste you.”

There was no room for hesitation, she crawled over him, letting her hands feel the hard planes of his chest before she moved to straddle his face, lowering her pussy to him. He gripped her ass, as his mouth french kissed her. Fuck, she tensed her thighs to keep from falling, as he buried his face in her like he was a man out of the desert and she was the closest source of liquid. Slurping should have been the least sexy sound, but the way he enjoyed her pussy, his sounds made her higher, so high she could take flight.

“Marc, please.” Her voice squeaked in desperation, needing to come.

“I’m doing my best sweetheart, the rest is up to you.” He centered his attention on her clit, lick, suck, nip, until her inner thighs shook. The desire he built inside her unspooled so fast, her orgasm felt out of control. She fell forward, but he gripped her, his mouth continuing to torture her in the aftershocks.

He let go, but a moment later he was behind her, his leg forcing her open. In her haze she thought he was going to fuck her, and she needed to ask about protection, but she realized he still had his pants on. Two fingers entered her, forceful, but practiced thrusts, his other hand teased her still inflamed clit.

She tried to move from his touch, but he followed her. Finally, he growled, “Stay still. You have many orgasms to come, don’t wear yourself out fighting me.”

“Please, I don’t know.” Her head thrashed, her body unsure of itself.

He slowed his movements in her, his mouth pressing a soft kiss to her neck and shoulders. “Relax into it. Breathe slowly and I promise it will be so good for you.”

She tried to listen, but his insistent fingers demanding too much from her body tore at her resolve. How could she be calm?

“Trust me, you can handle it. I haven’t had a woman who couldn’t. You’re so much more resilient than us poor men. Most don’t know how to take advantage of a woman’s natural ability to have multiple orgasms, but it’s my favorite thing. To make a woman orgasm for hours, until she’s so deep in her pleasure she forgets her name.” His voice sent shockwaves through her body, or maybe it was his fingers. Whatever it was, Joelle climaxed again, her hips thrusting, grinding against him.

“Hours?” she panted, wanting to look at him, but her muscles refusing to obey.

“Yes, I can’t here, unless you brought your sex toys.” He kissed her cheek, and with one hand holding her close, the other took off his belt, pushed down his pants, his legs kicking them away. He unsnapped her belt and stocking and stripped them, leaving nothing between them. Skin on skin, she loved how hot and tight he was against her, layers of hot male under a thin veneer of soft skin.

Her muscles were capable of movement, so she turned over and kissed him. Her hands running through his hair and his chest and back, nails scratching his ass and thighs. The power under her hands, when he fucked her, it would be hard, pounding if he wanted, or it could be slow and sweet, dragging out their pleasure.

Marc growled in appreciation as her grazed his cock. She didn’t know if he’d allow her to touch him, but he didn’t stop her, giving her leave to wrap her hand around his impressive length, stroking him.

“Where’s the naughtiest place you’ve had sex?” he asked, one hand on her knee, massaging her thigh.

“Public beach while I was camping. It was late and we were quiet, but we could have been caught.”

“That sounds delightful. Having the night air lick your skin.” He traced his fingers over her clit again, pulling a whimper from her. “If you don’t mind, my cock is so fucking hard for you. Every time you whimper, it gets harder.”

“Yes, please.” She spread her legs.

But he didn’t move, he just teased her throbbing clit, with the lightest of brushes, as if he wasn’t sure what to do. He slid off the bed and tossed a condom beside her on the bed from his pocket, then he rolled her to her back and kissed her. Her taste was still on his lips and tongue, as he rubbed against her cleft. He brushed his lips across her face then down the side of her neck. Then he licked her breasts, teasing each with his mouth, alternating between kissing and licking until she was damp and trembling. He pressed one kiss between her legs, then moved down one thigh and up the other.

Finally, he straddled her and rolled the condom over his cock. She wanted to lick it but didn’t dare deter him from finally fucking her. He would goddamn kill her with his multiple orgasms thing.

He entered her so damn slowly, she wanted to beg him to fuck her, pound her until they were lumps of satation. But she knew it would make him extend this moment, so she smiled, her arms over her head.

He laid his weight on her and put his hands under her hips to pull her to him. Priming her with small pumps, getting longer, then faster, quicker, his hips circling to grind against her clit.

“God, I can’t go slow anymore, Joelle. I need to feel how deep you are.” He pulled from her and moved her to her belly. Then he entered her again, so fucking deep, with a spank he grabbed her hips and fucked her like she needed. Better than anyone had ever done, he slammed into her until she saw stars, the pleasure flooding her again and again, as he took her. Goddamn, she couldn’t move but he was still going, still moaning her name, still telling her how good her cunt was.

Then he came, the storm coming to a sudden end, and the thrusts stopped. He collapsed next to her like the man who ran a marathon, gasping for air.

She turned and caressed his cheek. God, he was sexy, not the bad boy type she wanted, but he knew how to make her purr. With a smirk, she kissed him.

“What’s the smirk about?” he asked.

“You didn’t use the tie on me.”

He grabbed it from the end of the bed. “The night isn’t over yet, sweetness. As soon as I catch my breath, you’ll see how I want to use it.”

Joelle groaned as her vibrator did it’s trick and made her come. She pushed her head on the pillow. Fuck, it wasn’t her vibrator, it was the memory, the way Marc played her, controlled her. All night she submitted repeatedly, eventually they fell asleep, but she woke to his fingers opening her, a questioning kiss pressed to her lips, and she whispered yes as the dawn streamed through the curtains they forgot to close. He fucked her again, made her come twice, then they slept again. Until she woke to his phone ringing while he snored beside her.

She snorted. God, she should have turned the phone off, but she looked at it, thinking it might be Chloe or Tay, wondering where they were. But the name said Sweet and Joelle’s stomach dropped, swiping the answer. “Hello?”

“Who the hell is this?” a female voice said.

“Joelle, who is this?”

“Where’s my boyfriend?” That was the one-two punch to her stomach. Joelle should have realized that if he had a girlfriend she would have been his date, but after a sleepless night of unparalleled orgasms, there had to be a catch and there it was: He had a girlfriend.

Turned out the bitch on the phone was his ex, who wanted him back. But Joelle didn’t learn the truth until after she ran from the room in shame, leaving behind her expensive lingerie, that he still refused to return unless she let him apologize. And no way in hell was she spending any time with Marc alone. She knew what he’d do and she didn’t trust that she’d resist.

Nope, not until she had a boyfriend, then she’d get her stuff back

Asrai Devin

Written by

Subscribe now My super power is creating arousal with words. Peddling the finest smut and erotic art.

Smut Peddler

You know I have been writing smut for 23ish years. It’s finally paying off. I can arouse other people with my mind. I create fine written erotica that often pushes taboo themes. If it doesn’t get me off, you won’t find it here, and hopefully it will get you hot too.

Asrai Devin

Written by

Subscribe now My super power is creating arousal with words. Peddling the finest smut and erotic art.

Smut Peddler

You know I have been writing smut for 23ish years. It’s finally paying off. I can arouse other people with my mind. I create fine written erotica that often pushes taboo themes. If it doesn’t get me off, you won’t find it here, and hopefully it will get you hot too.

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