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Smut Peddler

Silver Fox Tales: Ex’s Dad

Photo by Tim Savage from Pexels

“Julie, Julie Monroe is that you?” a deep male voice called my name while I waited at the deli counter.

I turned to the face of my high school boyfriend’s father. “Mr. Becker, how are you?” Goddamn, he was hot. “How’s Evan?”

“I’m good. Evan is married, a little boy on the way.”

“No way!” Wild, less than a decade ago I was so in love I thought I’d marry Evan Becker…



You know I have been writing smut for 23ish years. It’s finally paying off. I can arouse other people with my mind. I create fine written erotica that often pushes taboo themes. If it doesn’t get me off, you won’t find it here, and hopefully it will get you hot too.

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