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[Guide] How to stake RCG and GET ASSA Tokens!

Hello everyone.

As we mentioned in our last posting, The Round 1 ASSA Staking Pool is officially opened!

🎤 Here is the guide for participating in the ASSA Staking Pool.

◼️ The ASSA staking pool only allows staking with RCG token and rewards are paid with the ASSA tokens.

◻️ You will also need to have RCG deposited in your wallet to stake RCG

◼️ You can get RCG(RCG/USDT) at 🔔 Bibox / Bitmart / Digifinex and swap to binance smart chain (RCG/BSC). Then you can participate in the staking pool (⚠️ Only allowed to participate with RCG/BSC)

👛Setting wallet — Metamask

You will need to create the metamask wallet
⌨️ Download Link:

💻Setting up MetaMask for PC browser

A. Open your account and click the [Network] and Click [Custom RPC]

B. Setting up Binance Smart Chain

Network Name: Binance Smart Chain
Chain ID: 56
Currency Symbol (optional): BNB
Block Explorer URL (optional):

C. After the network setting is complete, add RCG Token to your MetaMask

1. Open Metamask and click Assets.
2. Scroll down to the bottom and click Add Token
3. Click Custom Token.
Copy the contract address below and paste on MetaMask
BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain): 0x2d94172436d869c1e3c094bead272508fab0d9e3

Now you are ready to participate in the ASSA Staking Pool! 😎

⚒ Staking on the Recharge Station

1. Go to the Charging Station (

2. Click the [Wallet Connect] button on the top and connect the wallet

3. Click the ASSA Staking Pool

4. Click the [APPROVE] button and wait for approval (APPROVE button will turn into PLUG-IN once approved)

5. Enter the amount of RCG token you wish to stake and click the [PLUG-IN]

7. If a pop-up message appears, please confirm the final approval

8. Confirm the amount of stake in your connected wallet and click APPROVE

9. Once completed. You can check your staking balance on My Pools

📢 You can claim your rewards once the pool expires on June 30, 05:00 am (UTC)

Thank you!

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