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Asse Zeta
Asse Zeta
Dec 30, 2019 · 4 min read

It is time for us at Asse Zeta to draw some conclusions on this 2019… Musically! Lot’s of good things have been produced and it is always difficult for us to boil everything down to set of Top 5s (as Rob Gordon thought us) in the following categories: LP, Single or EP, Compilation or Mix.

The entries of this year have been put together by our three shows:
Asse Zeta cured by Zio
Stereotype cured by Manuel a.k.a. Sidechange
Asse Mono cured by Grgn

In addition each show had to pick their label of the year. This year the family had to pick up their spiritual guide for 2019 (last year was the Bug) and provide a Top 5 of recommendations, Asse Biased, which include some of our best friends production for this year almost gone.

As you can read it was a rather difficult process! We hope you will discover something new or find some certainties or being in completely disagreement with us! In any case, let us know what do you think about it!

Asse Biased 2019 (family first!)
Dj Laps — Durga And The Tiger => Listen here
Ffiume & G Tomato — Hip Hop => Buy here
Nazo Luigi Di Nunzio Blob — Vuoto Siderale => Buy here
K.Lust — Slow Down => Buy here
Pietra Montecorvino and the Officinalis — Si comme si’ => Buy here

Spiritual guide 2019
Anderson Paak

Asse Zeta Entries
J:Kenzo — Taygeta Code => Buy here
Sampa the Great — The return => Buy here
Liberato — Liberato => Listen here
Aesop Rock and Tobacco are Malibu Ken => Buy here
King Midas — Solitude => Buy here

Single or EP (infamous)
De-Tü ‎– Tried By Tu / Waiting For Jah => Buy here
D-Operation Drop ‎– Bronco => Buy here
LSN ‎– Oscillator EP => Buy here
Headland ‎– Tasty Witch => Buy here
J:Kenzo — Like A Hawk (feat Flowdan) => Buy here

Single or EP (hip and trip)
Gangstarr — Family and loyalty (feat J.Cole)=> Listen here
Little Simz — Selfish (feat Cleo Soul) => Listen here
Meandri — Perseverare Diabolicum => Listen here
Anderson Paak — Make it better (feat Smokey Robinson) => Listen here
Swindle — Reach the stars (feat Andrew Ashong) => Listen here

Single or EP (Roots/dub/stepper/fwd dub)
Dubkasm ‎– Two x Two => Buy here
Prince Jamo ‎– The Night Of Our Lives / Haul And Pull Up => Buy here
Von D ‎– Dancehall Saga => Buy here
DJ Madd — Universal Steppa / Wicked Man Dub => Buy here
Numa Crew — Skankers Chant EP => Buy here

Compilation or mixtape
A/V — Stepping Forward Vol.2 => Buy here
A/V — Moonshine Recordings 10 Years — Versions & Excursions=> Buy here
A/V — A Fragile Tribute: Various Artists Reworked the Nine Inch Nails’ album “The Fragile” => Listen here

ZamZam Sounds

Stereotype Entries
Swans — Leaving Meaning => Buy here
Karenn — Grapefruit Regret => Buy here
Chris Carter — Archival Recordings 1973–1977 => Buy here
Scorn — Café Mor => Buy here
Tool — Fear Inoculum => Buy here

Single or EP
James Ruskin ‎– Siklikal EP => Buy here
Mike Parker — Early Works => Buy here
Aphex Twin — London 14.09.2019 => Buy here
Abstract Thought ‎– Untitled => Buy here
Squarepusher ‎– Vortrack => Buy here

Compilation or mixtape
Various ‎– WXAXRXP30 => Buy here
Various ‎– Let Love Decide Pt 1 => Buy here
Claro Intelecto ‎– In Vitro — Volume One => Buy here
Claro Intelecto ‎– In Vitro — Volume Two => Buy here
Various ‎– Secret Rave 05 => Buy here

Warp Records

Asse Mono Entries
LP (Electro/Dance)
Moodymann — Sinner => Buy here
Folamour — Ordinary drugs => Buy here
Floating Point — Crush => Buy here
Robag Wruhme — Venq Tolep => Buy here
Andrés — IV => Buy here

LP (Soul/Funk/Jazz/Hip-hop)
Freddie Gibbs, Madlib (MadGibbs) — Bandana => Listen here
Mac Ayres — Juicebox => Listen here
Shafiq Husayn — The loop => Buy here
Apollo Brown — Sincerely, Detroit => Buy here
Black Milk — DiVE => Buy here

Single or Ep (Electro/Dance)
Theo Parrish / Marcellus Pittman — Essential Selections Volume 2 => Buy here
Bella Boo — Supervillain => Buy here
KH (Four Tet) — Only Human => Listen here
Whodat/Viola Klein — Workshop 26 => Buy here
Hanna — I needed / Intercession, on behalf => Buy here

Single or EP (Soul/Funk/Jazz/Hip-hop)
Czarface — The odd czar against us => Listen here
Àbáse — Elevate => Buy here
Greentea Peng — Rising => Buy here
Celeste — Compilation 1.1 => Listen here
KOKOROKO => Buy here

Compilation or mixtape (Electro/Dance)
Burial — Tunes 2011 to 2019 => Buy here
Hyperswim => Buy here
10 years of Monkeytown => Buy here
Banoffee Pies Digi 6 => Buy here
León Vynehall — DJ kicks => Buy here

Compilation or mixtape (Soul/Funk/Jazz/Hip-hop)
Gangster Music vol. 1 => Buy here
Mogadisco — Dancing Mogadishu => Buy here
Radio Verde => Buy here
SPACE FUNK — Afro futurist electro funk in space 1976–84 => Buy here
David Haffner’s “Disco with a feeling” => Buy here

Mello Music Group

Asse Zeta

Asse Zeta is the official online radio of Camp Zeta. We are based in LDN Brixton.

Asse Zeta

Written by

Asse Zeta

Asse Zeta is the official online radio of Camp Zeta. We are based in LND Brixton.

Asse Zeta

Asse Zeta

Asse Zeta is the official online radio of Camp Zeta. We are based in LDN Brixton.

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