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Finding a New Normal

We belong here in the Universe

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As we begin to reinvent the way we live on our planet, there’s a simple process that can help us: becoming aware of awareness.

Often referred to as mindfulness, this everyday inward focusing of our attention helps us be more tuned in to our intuitive and creative self.

While the political changes needed to improve life seem to progress slowly, here’s something we can bring into our lives today that really makes a difference.

We’re participants in something larger than ourselves, the conscious and intelligent Universe that’s bringing all life everywhere into being.

And the key to making a successful transition to a new normal is inside us, as well as in the world around us.

Change is possible, but the most fundamental change needed is a change in our awareness, and the way we see the world, each other and our planet.

We can help bring about a world that’s more in sync with the ecosystem of our planet and more focused on social justice than previously.

And as the world transitions toward ecological and social justice, we can create a new normal, more sustainable and equitable than the one we left behind.

The worldview that’s characterized recent decades promotes individualism as a lens through which we see the world.

As we begin the journey of finding a worldview that better suits the current times and the 21st century, we might take inspiration from citizens who are already living more happily than elsewhere on our planet.

Countries where citizens are happiest seem to have found the right blend between sharing resources and personal autonomy.

The World Happiness Report has placed the five Nordic countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland, in the top ten for the happiness of its citizens every year since 2013:

“No matter whether we look at the state of democracy and political rights, lack of corruption, trust between citizens, felt safety, social cohesion, gender equality, equal distribution of incomes …… find the Nordic countries in the global top spots.”

“What makes Nordic citizens so exceptionally satisfied with their lives?…. reliable and extensive welfare benefits, low corruption, and well-functioning democracy and state institutions

Citizens of these countries have already discovered that sharing a bit more helps everyone feel good about life.

A worldview fit for the 21st century might recognize that we can structure the political framework and management of our lives so that we share more than we do at the moment.

By itself though, it’s not enough.

We’ve mostly forgotten our intrinsic connection to intelligence in the Universe, our cosmic self.

This conscious and intelligent Universe is our home, and we’re always meshed into the universal intelligence that’s bringing all life on our planet into being.

We can tune in to this larger conscious awareness we all share, and find the intuitive wisdom emerging from it, always gently reminding us to honor the cosmic self in all of us.

We’re all participants in something larger than ourselves, a conscious and intelligent Universe, encouraging and maintaining life throughout itself.

And we can rediscover something intrinsic to our nature as human beings, something more universal than we were living with previously.

Mindfulness helps us dissolve our thoughts and find the single conscious space inside all of us that joins us into one common humanity.

And it also helps us find the intuitive guidance, the energy, and enthusiasm to bring positive change into the world.

It causes us to reach deeper into ourselves, finding inspiration for change.

How about setting up a local business, for example, that delivers locally produced food to local residents?

We’re citizens of a conscious Universe, and change is always possible.

Change in our awareness, change in how we see the world.

When we inwardly focus our attention, we become aware of how we’re woven into universal consciousness.

We belong here on planet Earth, each one of us has an inherent possible connection into consciousness in the Universe.

And practicing mindfulness helps us find this connection.

We can realize the universal awareness that’s aware of its presence everywhere, inside all of us.

We can dissolve our thinking and know the inspiration and intuitive guidance available within this non-conceptual conscious space.

And we can find the inspiration to change our life, if we need to.

Paul Mulliner 2020

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