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Kissing Two Terrains

Of creation and memory

Landscape of vertical mark making in blues, grey-green hints of orange and yellow floating above creamy, grey underpainting.
Landscape painting (Fort Tryon Park, New York City, with grey underpainting) by Christopher Willard (Medium profile) 1986 on Wikimedia Commons. CC0

We intersect ourselves
at memory’s window
in lens of present.
We see the life the mind paints,
the life before our eyes.

as grooves of underpainting
reconciling dimensions
and kissing two terrains.

The old road is new.
There is no direction from
the dirt you tread through;
the pigments of dreams.

In your earth body lies
a creator’s mind
walks crossroads infinite,
ever intersecting lines.

Our memoried windows
are acts of creation
where we paint tenses
with dirty feet
in superpositions;
our moving self-portrait.



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