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The Assemblage Newsletter #3

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We usually send these out every two weeks, but we are just too full of good stories to wait. Here are some of the highlights since our last newsletter:

Why We Choose Making Excuses Over Exploring Options (curated in SELF) by Vanessa Torre

“There were limitless options. We didn’t take them. The reality was that we didn’t love each other enough to sacrifice what we needed to in order to make a life together work.”

How to Write About Human Pain (curated in WRITING) by Kitty Hannah Eden

“If writers are custodians of the human heart, we need to handle it with care lest it should become impervious to human suffering.

Accepting this responsibility also means we have an opportunity to shape a more tolerant, more open society, one story at a time.”

It’s Time For Smaller Smartphones (curated in TECHNOLOGY) by Megan Holstein

“Now, carrying my phone is annoying. Back when my phone was in my hand six hours a day, it hardly mattered. Now that I’m no longer scrolling through content most of my day, my phone spends a lot more time put away, and size has become a problem.”

The Uncompromising Nature of Creative Self-Doubt by Jonathan Greene

“Creative self-doubt is relentless. Even when we are good, we are worried we are not as good as we think. Our confidence always shrouded in a mysterious blend of lingering wonderment and passive self-judgment”

What’s In A Name (curated in EQUALITY and RACE) by Michelle Elizabeth

“But it is a shame that more than fifty years after Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech, there are still quite a bit of people left in the world that refuse to judge people on the content of their character.”

Darkness, A Friend by Blithe Anderson

“I don’t know how to exist
Without losing myself
I don’t know how to love
Without becoming her
I don’t know how to breathe
Without wilting on the exhale”

Why Do I Write? by Maggie Lupin

“I write because it helps others relate to someone, and feel less alone in this world. I write because it helps me to relate, and feel less alone in this world.”

The Paradox of Freedom and Human Identity (curated in SELF) by Lance Baker

“Our pursuit of freedom can leave us feeling lost at sea. Somehow I think the answer lies in tapping into a current of our own making to counter the aimlessness of the ocean.”

What Are Your Dealbreakers When It Comes to Finding Love? (curated in RELATIONSHIPS) by Michelle Ann

“It made me think about the dealbreakers that I have in relationships. They have changed over the years but I used to not have any dealbreakers or even an idea of what I would and wouldn’t tolerate. This resulted in me basically having no standards and quite a few frustrating relationships”

Welcome To The 140-Character Culture by Daria Krauzo

“We have also never been so jealous. We are jealous of the fancy travel blogs, the fancy fashion blogs, the fancy people all over the place. We try to be quite like them. But remember, you are special and irreplaceable, each one of us.”

A Dying Ember by Heather R. Parker

“Crash and collide
Two bright stars
The hunger burns
I am a dying ember
Without your heart
In mine”

Photo by Smart on Unsplash

If you like what you read at Assemblage, tell a Medium friend. We want to be the type of publication you can count on. The one with a curated home page. The one that is always looking to find new writers on Medium who fit what we are doing. We just want to put out great writing into the universe.

And to do that we’ve added several new writers. Expect the first stories for Assemblage from these great writers soon: Agnes Louis, Kay Bolden, Juliette Roanoke, Gillian Sisley, Jessica Lovejoy, Chloe Cuthbert, Jen Maidenberg, Jeff Barton, Bonnie Barton, Leah Kim, and Lark Morrigan.

P.S. — You can also find us on Twitter.

P.P.S. — Our off-Medium website is making a comeback. We are currently adding writer profiles, reformulating the Book Club and preparing for season two of our podcast, recording soon.



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