IdeaFeX adopts new logo + updates social media plan

Dr Jiulin Teng
Jul 28, 2019 · 1 min read

We are glad to announce that we are adopting a new corporate logo. Compared to the old triangular logo, the new shape displays better on some websites. Moreover, the new color scheme can be applied to the entire theme of our materials much easier.

Additionally, the new logo takes the shape of an ancient token. Therefore, it better conveys the core of our business: marketplace for tokenized real-world goods & assets.

As we say goodbye to the logo that has been with us for 18 months, we are also fading out our presence on a range of social media platforms for various reasons:

  • BitcoinTalk & BitcoinGarden: because we are not going to associate with ICOs and cryptocurrencies
  • Reddit: because we envision it to be a community-driven space where everyone can discuss freely
  • Telegram: because we dislike scammers

We will remain on Medium, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Follow us on these platforms to stay up-to-date.

Asset Tokenization

On the tokenization of real-world assets

Dr Jiulin Teng

Written by

Founder of IdeaFeX, marketplace for tokenized real-world assets

Asset Tokenization

On the tokenization of real-world assets

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