IFX Crowdsale Smart Contract Online

Dr Jiulin Teng
Jul 5 · 3 min read

Dear Supporters,

We are glad to announce that a new method to purchase IFX is now available — with smart contract. Please visit https://ico.ideafex.com to see the guide.

With this method, you will receive your IdeaFeX Tokens as the contract is executed.

The original token sale platform is still available. We will contact users who have purchased there directly to deliver IFX to them. They will also receive a 10% extra bonus, as promised ten days ago. As of now, this extra bonus no longer applies to new purchases.

Below is a brief overview of how to purchase IFX using the smart contract

(Please note that we intentionally leave out the contract address in this announcement.)

Purchase IFX by sending ETH to IFX Crowdsale Contract

To purchase IFX via Ethereum smart contract, you must have a valid Ethereum wallet the private key of which you and only you hold. Wallets on exchanges MUST NOT be used. The IFX that you purchase will be lost otherwise. We cannot resend in this case.

From your wallet, you can purchase IFX by transferring to our token sale contract the amount of ETH that you would like to spend. IFX tokens will be sent back to your wallet as the contract is executed. You will be able to track the execution of your purchase function on Etherscan. To make sure that your transaction goes through, we highly recommend choosing a gas price of 20 Gwei.

Purchase IFX by Interacting with IFX Crowdsale Contract

Alternatively, you can purchase by interacting with the contract on Etherscan directly. Simply go to “Write Contract” and click on “Connect to Web3”. Then, enter the amount and beneficiary under “buyTokens” before clicking “Write”.

Some wallets may not support Web3. In these cases, we recommend purchasing IFX by sending IFX directly.

For your transaction to go through, we highly recommend increasing the gas price. The default (1 Gwei) is likely to be too low.

Add IFX to Your ERC20-Compatible Wallet

With most wallets, in order for IFX balance to display correctly you need to add a “Custom Token”. This is done by entering the IdeaFeX Token contract address and the correct decimal points:

The IdeaFeX Token contract address is 0x2cf588136b15e47b555331d2f5258063ae6d01ed, the token symbol is IFX, and it has 18 decimal points.

View State Variables of the IFX Crowdsale Contract

To read the state variables of our crowdsale contract, we recommend using Etherscan. Navigate to the “Contract” tab. Then, under “Code”, you will be able to confirm the name of the contract (“IFXCrowdsale”).

To view the current states of this smart contract, click on “Read Contract”:

Current Bonus

You will see under bonus an integer. This is the percentage of the current bonus. For example, a bonus of 40 means that the current bonus is 40%.

The Fixed ETH:IFX Rate

You will see under rate an integer. This is the fixed rate of ETH:IFX. This number should always be 2000.

The Current Rate with Bonus

You will see under rateWithBonus an integer. This is the number of IFX that you will receive when you spend 1 ETH. It decreases from 2800 to 2000 as the crowdsale progresses.

Contract Address of IdeaFeX Token

You may want to confirm the contract address of IFX or to interact with this contract directly. You will see under token an Ethereum address. This is the address at which the IdeaFeX Token contract is deployed. You can click on it and interact with it.

The IFX Funding Wallet

You will see under wallet an Ethereum address. This is the address at which purchase funds will be forwarded at each purchase. We will, however, periodically transfer funds to cold wallets for safety.

The Amount of IFX Sold

You will see under ifxSold an integer. This is the amount of the smallest unit of IFX sold. IFX has 18 decimal points; therefore, an integer of 1000000000000000000 means exactly 1 IFX sold.

The Amount of ETH Raised

You will see under weiRaised an integer. This is the amount of “wei” raised. Please keep in mind that 1 ETH = 1 × 1018 wei.

Asset Tokenization

On the tokenization of real-world assets

Dr Jiulin Teng

Written by

Founder of IdeaFeX, marketplace for tokenized real-world assets

Asset Tokenization

On the tokenization of real-world assets

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