Press Release — 16/10/2017

Blockchain-Powered startup Assetron Energy, originating in Camden, Australia announces the launch of its very own cryptocurrency, the ASSETRON Token, hosted by the Waves Platform Blockchain.

Assetron Energy will be developing a co-investment management platform for renewable energy projects — connecting investors with clean energy projects in need of financing.

ASSETRON (ASTRN) Tokens will be the primary currency used on the Assetron Energy Investments Platform, which will be utilised by users to co-invest into various renewable energy projects and receive revenue from those projects in ASTRN Tokens. As the Tokens will sit on the Waves Platform, users will be able to instantly exchange between ASTRN, other cryptocurrency and fiat currencies on the Waves Decentralized Exchange.

The platform will enable commercial, residential and community energy consumers the ability to finance their renewable energy projects, whether it is in solar, wind, hydro or other clean energy resource. In exchange, investors will receive regular income distribution from the energy consumed by the end-user of the project. As the volume of projects utilising Assetron Energy grows, so will the demand for the ASSETRON Tokens.

Denis Wright, founder and Director of Assetron Energy, says “We have a significant market gap here, especially in Australia, consisting of two groups of customers. The first group, has the issue that although the costs of installing renewable energy sources has fallen over the years, it is still a significant upfront contribution, and out of reach for many, especially small businesses. We also have a lot of socially conscious investors, who understand the benefits of investing into renewable energy, but don’t have an easy avenue to do so. What Assetron Energy is attempting to do, is bridge this gap, provide an easy to use interface, that is transparent, secure and doesn’t require a lot of overhead, and link the two groups together”

Assetron Energy will not only utilise the funds gained from the Token Sale to develop their platform, but also in what is believed to be a first in the cryptocurrency history, use part of the funds to commission a 1MW Solar Plant in Australia, setting a new precedent for the potential of cryptocurrency.

“The Flagship Assetron Energy Solar plant idea stemmed from a long study of other cryptocurrency ventures and where they went wrong” , commented Mr Wright. “Many past companies that failed, did so not because their idea was not good, but because of the lack of long term thinking. Their funds run out before they can gather a significant market share and flourish. This is why this power plant is so important to us. We see it as the life spark of Assetron Energy — the consistent income the plant will generate will ensure that we continue to have funding for as long as 25–30 years, which hopefully, is more than enough time for the company and its platform to establish a large portfolio of projects, thus revenue, and continue to innovate in the renewable energy space.

Assetron Energy have a goal to raise anywhere between $15,000,000 to $25,000,000 AUD, depending on demand and current cryptocurrency prices.

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