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Jun 29, 2018 · 3 min read

If the phrase ‘ICO advisors’ doesn’t really make sense or you have a very vague idea of how to choose them, worry not. We’ll spell out the concept of ICO advisors, explain why you certainly need them on board, and walk you through the process of finding the right ones.

Who are they & why on Earth do you need them?

Although the word “advisors” strongly implies that someone shares their words of wisdom with you, it’s not necessarily true in this case. Of course, blockchain and cryptocurrency specialists can put forward a couple of recommendations, but it isn’t their primary focus. In the world of ICOs, advisors are people with an excellent professional reputation who are willing to vouch for you and your project. In comparison with ambassadors, they don’t promote your ICO so actively, but the fact that such experienced and respectable people support you greatly facilitates the process of winning the trust of investors and community.

What criteria should they fulfill?

Advisors have stringent criteria for picking ICOs because their good name is at stake, and you should keep your own set of standards in mind for choosing advisors in turn. Below are the things to look out for.

1) Experience & weight in the community

The reason why you want to get a particular advisor on board is first and foremost this person’s reputation — and not necessarily just in the crypto community. Inviting someone respectable and experienced from the industry that your ICO project is focused on, or just an enlightened IT specialist, is always a good move.

2) Track record

When looking for an advisor, you should be sure that this person has an immaculate track record. Otherwise, blots on their escutcheon will automatically transfer to you, which can put you in an unfavorable light or even prevent your token from being listed on an exchange. So reach out to the cryptocurrency community as well as your own network to find out what kind of standing this person has in the eyes of other people.

3) Public profile

A great advisor is a person with a strong social media presence and preferably some public exposure. When choosing experts to support your project, check out their profiles on the most common social networks such as Twitter or Facebook to see what they post and what impressions this content creates. Furthermore, pay particularly meticulous attention to their LinkedIn as it’s the most important professional social media.

4) Number of projects

The more blockchain-based projects an advisor buttresses, the less weight their name carries. So don’t chase after people who throw their support left, right, and center; it’s devalued anyway.

Where can you find them?

There are a couple of ways to find great advisors. First of all, by reaching out to them directly via the aforementioned social media. As an alternative, you can meet and network with such people at blockchain conferences and other events, which they regularly attend. Finally, some ICO marketing agencies provide the service of putting startups in touch with advisors. This is probably the easiest way, though you will have to pony up.

Final Thoughts

Attracting advisors whose names will give a major boost to your ICO isn’t easy. Such specialists are picky and very careful when choosing whom to lend their support, because their good name is at risk. But they are exactly the kind of people you need on board.

If you have trouble finding perfect ICO advisors, reach out to us at AssetRush, and we will be happy to provide our professional assistance with your search.


Full range of services to list and promote tokens. Professional cooperation with the most popular crypto exchanges, wallets, and media.

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Full range of services to list and promote your tokens, coins and ICO.



Full range of services to list and promote tokens. Professional cooperation with the most popular crypto exchanges, wallets, and media.

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