Is your project ready for Christmas?

Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

Christmas brings hope. However, lots of businesses fall into despair. Lack of user/customer/consumer involvement…

Please, don’t feel like abandoned Bridget Jones before New Year’s Eve. Cheer up!



People who have just found out about your project will likely check what people are saying about it before they interact with you. They will go to your social networks and if there is a silence that looks suspicious, it’s a huge red flag. If your project has potential, then why are there no discussions about you? You could use bots but they will only create a fake image. The most common networks that blockchain users visit that you could use to promote your project are Reddit, Telegram, Bitcointalk, Twitter, and Facebook

If you desire to go global, ask yourself which countries your project wants to attract. Marketing approached for each country are individual and unique. Here we speak not only about language differences, but also selecting appropriate social networks. For communities in China, South Korea, and Singapore, it is worth considering WeChat, QQ, KakaoTalk, and Line as citizens living there commonly use these networks. Blockchain is quite a restricted topic in many Asian countries, and it gets quite tricky to promote your project there. However, nothing is impossible. For example, one can make a conference or an investors meeting regarding your future project.

Develop your marketing strategy, which includes diverse methods of social media promotion. This can be achieved by creating interesting content including interactive news, discussions, events. AMA Hostings, Bounty Campaigns , and Outside Hidden Marketing are the most widely used ways to spread the word about your project.


Listing on websites

That is how pre- ICOs promote themselves. Websites allow you to reach a larger number of potential investors and to bring in new blood to your community. Also, it will help you increase your credibility on the market. Being listed on respectable websites like ICObazaar, ICObench will make your ICO project look much more trustworthy.

Listing on exchanges

This is an option for ICOs after the sale stage. You can boost the price of your token and raise awareness among traders, cryptorelated people, as well as followers of the exchange. It is also possible to reach a targeted community. For example, if you desire to reach traders from among Asia, FatBTC exchange could help you out. It provides integration with its own cryptocurrency FCNY, which is convenient for Chinese traders to operate with due to the backing of FCNY with real CNY assets. This exchange is primarily oriented towards Chinese traders considering the interface capacity.

Wallet integration

With the wide adoption of cryptocurrencies in many countries and the rising global usage of mobile devices, mobile wallets have become a universal tool for all daily crypto operations. Reliable mobile wallets like Ambisafe, LUMI, Freewallet, and JAXX allow you to store, pay, receive, and even exchange tokens between each other without leaving one ecosystem.

Sooooo, if you still have any questions, let AssetRush be your Santa. We can make your ICO dreams come true. Just text us a letter and receive an instant reply from our devoted elves:)