Messaging is the new browser [infoGIFic]

20 years ago you were told to get a website. 10 years ago you were told to get on social media. 5 years ago you were told to get an app.

Why is messaging so hot right now? The same reason grocery delivery is making another run at it since Peapod imploded in 2000. Unlike 2000, we now have wireless mobile devices, affordable mobile data, interconnections between businesses(APIs), and relatively safe and secure mobile payment options.

At Assist, we believe messaging offers the opportunity to deliver many business services faster, and more conveniently than the web or apps. It is emerging as additional choice for consumers and businesses.

Unless you can write code yourself, the average cost just to build an app is over $250,000. Most businesses cannot afford this. Not every business or consumer transaction needs an entire app. As new app-like services emerge on messaging platforms, you will see more and more commerce move to this format. It’s faster and easier for the customer, and lower cost for the business to implement.

A quick word on bots: bots are really just apps but they are not “installed” in the traditional sense. Think of them as genies who accomplish a variety of tasks — inside your favorite messaging app or even in your mobile operating system. The key point is that we expect bots will be the front line for many businesses, at least before requiring a human to get involved. Consumers will benefit because it should eliminate waiting on hold, or make it easier to get a question answered. Most businesses cannot afford someone who can answer every call or email — but it seems safe to predict that bots will get very good at handling 80% of queries: “Do you offer this service? Is it in stock? How much is it?”

Our friends at Lemonly contacted us and asked us if we wanted to collaborate on an infographic about messaging. You can see it below. Then we said, “infographics are cool. GIFs are hot. Let’s blend them together — so at the top you’ll notice our humble attempt at more shameless PR: the infoGIFic. (and since we invented that word, let the record show that you pronounce that with a hard ‘G’).