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ASTA token listed on Coinone Exchange

Korfin Holdings announced ASTA token officially listed on Coinone Exchange starting from 15th Oct, 2020

ASTA listed on Coinone Exchange on 15th Oct

Korfin Holdings, the consignee of ASTA Foundation in Singapore, by using blockchain technology and the big data collected through artificial intelligence (AI) establishes network-based multi-system and provides service and resolution based on smart infrastructure (SI).

ASTA Token is a ERC-20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain network. Ethereum is one of the decentralized blockchain systems featuring smart contract functionality for different application like token implementation. ERC-20 is the official unified protocol compatible with most of the exchange platforms which makes assets interchangeable hence ensuring the token liquidity.

Developing ASTA into a payment can be used in the daily life

Korfin Holdings aims to develop ASTA token to be able to use as a currency in daily life and to establish a platform connecting companies from various industries and sectors like retail, hospitality, healthcare, leisure, entertainment. It plans to develop a cryptocurrency ecosystem where users can pay with ASTA token easily on different partnered platforms.

Korfin Holdings has co-founded ASTA TOUR, an online travel agent platform integrated with the blockchain technology, aiming at providing local and overseas travel products by forming partnership with Korean companies. The platform is designed to a payment system accepting cash and cryptocurrency while enhancing the utility of ASTA at the same time.

Korfin Holdings has set its business goal as to make ASTA token to be compatible in everyday life. The company aims to build a global virtual asset payment system accepting ASTA tokens by facilitating the development of cryptocurrency payment service by ASTA.

Currently, Korfin Holdings provides technical support and invests in potential startups by providing consulting services and assistance in software development. At the same time, Korfin strives to expand its business network gradually and to build an unique blockchain ecosystem.

Furthermore, ASTA has been listed on Bitsonic and Cashierest exchanges since April this year.

Source: Fintechtimes

About ASTA Platform
A blockchain-based platform integrated with OTA platform, mobile voucher and crypto payment system allowing users to purchase products of brands in different categories using ASTA token.

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