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[Press] THE ASTA signs partnership with 6 more hotels

CEO of ASTA TOUR, Choi Seung-ho announced ASTA TOUR’s new partnership with 6 additional hotels in Korea including Imperial Palace Seoul, Skybay Hotel Gyeongpo, Hotel Forêt Group, Felix by STX Hotel & Suite, Golyeogung Korea Palace, Tops10 Hotels & Resorts.

Being the first-ever OTA (Online Travel Agency) platform implementing the cryptocurrecny payment system, THE ASTA has been taking the lead in the platform market industry amid a structural slowdown in the travel industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

All-round platform — THE ASTA

ASTATOUR has been successfully upgraded to THE ASTA, an all-round integrated platform not only providing travelling products but also other products from different categories. The renewed platform will be launched officially in late February. The company also plans to expand their services to mobile voucher payment, as well as the mobile commerce market to increase the utility of ASTA and to gain popularity from the consumers.

According to Park Chang-gyun, the General Director of THE ASTA, by using THE ASTA, users can buy a wide variety of products such as hotel accommodation, travel package, shopping, e-commerce, etc. by using ASTA for payment. The company is going to continue increasing the number of partners for the alliance in order to provide more benefits or awards to their users.

Mobile voucher service is coming soon!

Since its grand opening last November, ASTA TOUR as an OTA platform, has signed partnerships with up to 120 luxury hotels and resorts in South Korea. The company has developed an advanced payment system powered by blockchain for more users to experience the convenient payment service. Not only users can enjoy their purchase at a lower price compared to other websites, users can enjoy the extra discount (up to 50%) when paying with ASTA.

Meanwhile the mobile voucher service will be officially launched on THE ASTA in March.

About our new hotel partners:

Imperial Palace Seoul
- A 5-star hotel equipped with over 400 state-of-the-art facilities located in Gangnam
- Free access to swimming pool and a fitness center equipped with up-to date gym facilities (Techno Gym)

Skybay Hotel Gyeongpo
- Located between Gyeongpo Beach and Gyeongpo Lake
- Being modeled after Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore
- Accommodated the head of Samjiyon Orchestra, Hyun Song-wol during the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

Hotel Forêt Group
- With its branches in Busan, Nampo, Haeundae
- The business-friendly Hotel Forêt Busan is renowned with its high customer satisfaction

Felix by STX Hotel & Suite
- A 42-story building with beautiful sea view of Haeundae and Busan
- Good location and convenient transportation (quick access to the Haeundae Station)

Golyeogung Korea Palace
- Reproduction of Hanok, the Korean traditional architectural style
- Reflects the residence of the Scholar-officials at that time by inheriting the historical value of the traditional Hanok

Tops10 Hotels & Resorts
- Located at the best sport for enjoying the best view of the East Sea and the sunrise/sunset
- With a sky lounge and outdoor sculpture park

Source: Baccro News

About ASTA Platform
A blockchain-based platform integrated with OTA platform, mobile voucher and crypto payment system allowing users to purchase products of brands in different categories using ASTA token.

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ASTA platform is a payment platform allowing customers to buy good with cryptocurrencies and aiming establishing borderless payment networks that allow for the smooth transfer of cryptocurrencies.

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