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ASTA Monthly Review (2021 Feb)

🌼 🌻🌷Spring, the season of new beginnings~🌸🌼🌹

ASTA Platform has had a fruitful February and we would like to wrap up our achievements last month.

ASTA Monthly Review (2021 FEB)

👉 1 Feb The Benefits of using THE ASTA to our users

👉 4 Feb The Benfits of using THE ASTA to business partners

👉 9 Feb ASTA WALLET is coming soon!

👉 15 Feb Features of THE ASTA

👉 22 Feb THE ASTA signs partnership with 6 more hotels

👉 23 Feb THE ASTA’s resort partners THE ASTA’s hotel partners

👉 25 Jan About ASTA Token

👉 25 Jan Official Launch of THE ASTA app and ASTA Wallet app

Thank you for your support and we will work harder to become better!💐

About ASTA Platform
A blockchain-based platform integrated with OTA platform, mobile voucher and crypto payment system allowing users to purchase products of brands in different categories using ASTA token.

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Asta Platform

Asta Platform

A global blockchain-based platform for cryptocurrency service.