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ASTA’s 1st AMA

Recap for the ASTA x BiKi AMA

We are happy to have the first AMA with BiKi Exchange on 20 April, 2021 on WeChat before our official listing on BiKi on 22 April 2021.

The CEO of Korfin Holdings, Yang Mun-sup has been invited to the AMA to introduce ASTA, the crypto payment solution able to be used in daily life to the users in China. Yang also talked about the background of ASTA, the mission and vision of ASTA ecosystem and how to use ASTA for payment.

Let’s check out the AMA recap now.

Host: Hello everyone. I am the host of this AMA and thank you for joining us tonight. It is our honor to invite the CEO of Korfin Holdings, Mr. Yang Mun-sup to be our guest and to share the story of ASTA with us. Let’s start now, shall we? Welcome, Mr. Yang, please say hello to everyone.

Yang (ASTA Team): Hi everyone, thank you for having me. I am Yang Mun-sup, CEO of Korfin Holdings. Our team is very excited that ASTA will be listed on BiKi Exchange on coming Thursday (22 April 2021). We hope that ASTA’s listing on BiKi will lay the foundation for its global expansion and more overseas users will know about ASTA.

Host: Some of us may not be familiar with ASTA, can you please introduce it to us?

Yang (ASTA Team): ASTA Platform is a blockchain-based project of cryptocurrency payment system aiming to be used in daily life. By establishing THE ASTA, a platform integrated with crypto payment system to allow users to pay for products from various categories such as travel, shopping, accommodation, healthcare, e-commerce, etc. By continuously offering rewards and discount to our users, we believe that it can build a strong customer base and also acquire more customers to our affiliate partners.

Host: ASTA payment can be used for what kinds of goods or services currently?

Yang (ASTA Team): As I have mentioned before, ASTA can be used as a payment method on THE ASTA and the products we provide now can be categorized into travel products and mobile voucher.

Currently we have signed partnership with the major hotel & resort group in Korea and there are up to 230 hotels & resorts can be booked on THE ASTA. When booking accommodation on THE ASTA and pay with ASTA, they can book at a price 50% cheaper compared to booking the same hotel on the other booking websites such as Agoda and

On the other hand, after signing partnership with mobile voucher companies, we have also expanded the product scope of the mobile voucher. For now, users can purchase voucher of over 2,200 products of over 76 popular brands from different categories like food & drink, convenience stores, supermarkets, cinemas, etc. Moreover, vouchers can be used in over 104,000 stores and the discount rate is up to 80%.

ASTA is designed for users around the world, unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the accessibility of ASTA is now limited to be used in Korea . Yet in order to facilitate ASTA’s global expansion and to have overseas hotel to be listed on THE ASTA, we have continued to enhance our system and also to expand our overseas partner network.

ASTA Partnership

Host: What is the main focus of the development of ASTA? Which companies ASTA has signed partnership with?

Yang (ASTA Team): We strongly believe that the tourism will be flourish again after the Covid-19 pandemic, therefore we have put our focus on the tourism first. We now have over 230 hotel partners including High 1 Resorts, Hanwha Hotels & Resorts, Sono Hotels & Resorts, Kumho Resorts, etc. Furthermore, we have prepared to launch more services such as ski/ golf/ water park vacation package, day/ night tour package, car rental, flight, etc. in the future to address the needs of different customers.

As I have mentioned before the number of brand you can buy from THE ASTA has reached 76 including Starbucks, Pizza Hut, E-mart, Lotte Department Store, Lotte Mart, Lotte Cinema, 7-Eleven, etc.

THE ASTA app interface

Host: What do you think about potentiality of the current market development and how will ASTA adapt to this trend?

Yang (ASTA Team): As you can see, recently the global payment solution platforms like Paypal, VISA have enabled customer to make purchase with cryptocurrency which shows a high demand on crypto payment. Therefore, we have spotted the trend and developed ASTA. We hope to create a crypto payment solution to overcome the limitation of blockchain payment and to become the major crypto payment method globally.

Host: What is the current token economy of ASTA Platform? What is the tokenization of ASTA?

The total supply of ASTA is 3 billion.

ASTA Tokenization

Please refer to ASTA Platform whitepaper for more details.

Host: Can you tell me achievements of ASTA so far?

Yang (ASTA Team): The official launch of THE ASTA has successfully aroused public’s interest and become the most searched keyword in Naver, the largest searching engine website in Korea.

After being awarded the Grand Prize of the 2021 National Consumer-Driven Brand Award by DongA in March, THE ASTA has received another award, the 2021 Korea Prestige Brand Award in the virtual asset payment service sector by Korea Economic Daily in March.

Host: People in Mainland China might not be familiar with ASTA Platform. Can you please let us know if there are any Chinese official social media channels?

Yang (ASTA Team): Yes, we do have. Although we have prepared to enter the Chinese market in the first place, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we had been given no choice but to postpone the expansion plan. Yet, in order to well prepare for the Chinese market and to let more Chinese users to know more about ASTA, we now have Weibo, WeChat official accounts for ASTA.

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WeChat: AstaTour

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Host: What do you think about ASTA’s listing on BiKi Exchange?

Yang (ASTA Team): As mentioned before, we would like to enter the international market as soon as possible. Our vision is always to become a global payment solution, therefore, we have prepared Korean, English & Chinese for users all over the world.

Listing on BiKi Exchange is of great significance to ASTA Platform and it would be an excellent opportunity for us to officially announce our participation in the global marketplace. Although there is a lot of room for improvement and future work for our global expansion, ASTA Team will go all out to provide better service and offer more discounts to our customers and affiliates.

We are always honored to be able to join hands with BiKi Exchange and we look forward to our cooperation.

Source: Jinse Finance

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A blockchain-based platform integrated with crypto payment system provides hotel&resort accommodations, tour packages, mobile vouchers of various brands while offers exclusive discount when paying with ASTA.

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