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[ENDED] THE ASTA — Hangover Cures 25% Off

Get a hangover-free vacation

Drink for FUN but not Drunk!

Get a 25% off hangover cures for your holiday!

Stay tipsy! Stay sober!

Period: 07.23(FRI)~ 08.06 (FRI)

Check out in ASTA Wallet!

About ASTA Platform
A blockchain-based platform integrated with crypto payment system provides hotel&resort accommodations, tour packages, mobile vouchers of various brands while offers exclusive discount when paying with ASTA.

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ASTA platform is a payment platform allowing customers to buy good with cryptocurrencies and aiming establishing borderless payment networks that allow for the smooth transfer of cryptocurrencies.

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Asta Platform

Asta Platform

A global blockchain-based platform for cryptocurrency service.

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